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Cara gives Chloe and Elly some advice in Neighbours

Pick of the Plots

Cara gives Chloe and Elly some advice in Neighbours

More drama today in Erinsborough…

When Krista emerges from rehab, she announces to Paul that she’s taking over as the Sinclair Corp’s representative at Lassisters and Paul’s furious.

David’s surprised at how together Krista seems and the two establish their new professional relationship with David as her sober companion. But when Krista almost faints, David and Leo worry she might have checked herself out too early…

Holly suggests the share house have an impromptu pre-Christmas gathering. But when Haz and Mackenzie exchange thoughtful gifts, Holly’s jealousy gets the better of her.

Swept up by Paul’s plans for their future, Chloe and Elly try their best to go along with it but are uncomfortable. When Cara clocks they aren’t entirely happy, she gives them a frank talking to.

Neighbours, streaming from 7.30 am today on Freevee in the UK

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