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Jane and Terese show a united front in Neighbours

Pick of the Plots

Jane and Terese show a united front in Neighbours

Wednesday in Erinsborough…

Haz is mortified, believing Trevor has destroyed Mackenzie’s lovely gift. But nobody feels worse than Holly, the true culprit, who’s left stewing in guilt for her jealous act. Not knowing how to face what she’s done, Holly confesses to Byron, and opens up about her fear that she’s turning into her insecure, self destructive mother Izzy. Byron reassures Holly, urging her to come clean to Haz, hoping her honesty will earn his forgiveness.

However, before Holly gets the chance, Haz checks the footage recorded by his dog cam, exposing Holly as the scarf-destroyer. Haz and Mackenzie are both stunned by Holly’s actions. But their shock only grows when Holly spills all, revealing she knows Mackenzie recently admitted having feelings for Haz, and that Haz subsequently told Byron “I wish I’d known.”

A flustered Haz can’t explain his mixed-signals, leaving Mackenzie confused and Holly devastated. Byron supports his friends through the chaos of their love triangle, all the while nursing his own broken heart. But a big surprise is in store for Byron too, when a former client gets in touch out of the blue, offering him a lucrative opportunity to return to his scandalous former career…

Paul is still fuming about being forced to take on Krista as the Sinclair family’s representative at Lassiters.

Leo urges him to give Krista a fair chance, reminding him that David is now her sober companion, and to consider David’s wellbeing also. Krista throws herself into her first day, determined to make the most of this chance at a new chapter. However, she’s rattled when she learns her criminal ex Eden is demanding that she visit him in jail. With David’s help, she pulls herself together and gets back to work with Leo— only to find herself feeling ill. Leo’s concerned she’s suffering worse withdrawal symptoms, but Krista is pushed to reveal what she’s going through is morning sickness; she’s pregnant. She opens up to Leo, revealing she’s determined to raise her child in a world of loving safety. Leo gives Krista his whole hearted support, promising her secret is safe with him.

The day of Jane and Terese’s pitch to the Erinsborough Council has arrived. Jane struggles with her nerves—and her outfit—but it’s actually Terese who has a last minute wobble. Jane helps her pull herself together though, and they forge ahead. Their impressive presentation manages to win over the council, in particular the usually-conservative influential councillor Anthony Marin. The women return home to celebrate with their loved ones, Jane loving being surrounded by family and looking forward to Mike’s return. She’s starting to feel truly hopeful about the future.

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