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Mackenzie is disappointed in Neighbours

Pick of the Plots

Mackenzie is disappointed in Neighbours

Mid-week goings on in Erinsborough…

Haz awkwardly avoids directly responding to Holly’s demand that either he or Mackenzie move out of the share house.

As Mackenzie pushes to visit Holly, hoping to make things right, Sadie urges her to be completely honest about all her feelings. When Haz reveals Holly’s ultimatum, Mackenzie is mostly hurt to realise that he didn’t try to defend her or push back at all. Needing some space herself, Mackenzie books a flight to visit her dad, leaving behind an uncertain status quo amongst the friendship group.

Krista’s in a celebratory mood after winning her latest battle with Paul. Unfortunately, that’s quickly soured when David tries to engage her in a difficult conversation. Upon learning that she was still heavily using drugs during the start of her pregnancy, he suggests they seek expert help to prepare for any scenario. Krista’s initial response is to order him to leave, and she later admits to Leo that she’s scared of facing up to the idea she might have already done damage to her unborn child. Krista eventually apologises to David, and the pair reconcile as he promises to be by her side, come what may.

Chloe and Elly are excitedly enjoying the final hours before the wedding ceremony. As Chloe gets ready with Terese, she marvels at how truly happy the day is making her. But when it’s time to head to the ceremony, Chloe puts on her heels, only to discover she can no longer walk in them… her Huntington’s has progressed to effect the muscles in her feet. Shattered, Chloe fears she won’t be able to walk down the aisle to marry the love of her life. What will this mean for the wedding?

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