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Andrew is feeling the pressure in River City

Pick of the Plots

Andrew is feeling the pressure in River City

Wednesday in Shieldinch…

After an altercation in the street with Lenny, Andrew tells Victoria he’s having doubts about running away. Adding to his paranoia, Andrew is stunned when Victoria suggests he signs over all his assets and inheritance to her.

Feigning innocence, Victoria pleads her case, assuring Andrew she wants what’s best for him and the Campbell-Baxter family…but her sincerity is false. Andrew reluctantly agrees and sets the wheels in motion to make sure Scarlett spends Christmas Day with her family, not him.

Elsewhere, Mikey’s devastated about his break-up with Jonathon, turning to Bernie for guidance. However, his mum tells him to get a grip, stop moaning and win back his man.

Tommy and Roisin

Mikey pleads his case to Jonathon, saying he’ll do anything to win back his affections. Taking him at his word, Jonathon challenges Mikey to get a buzz cut at Armand’s barbers shop. Clippers at the ready, the lengths Mikey will go for love knows no ends.

Roisin enthusiastically embraces the festive spirit but is irked by Tommy’s inner Grinch. She encourages him to put a positive spin on things but Tommy’s got a bad case of Bah Humbugs. That is, until he comes across down-on-her-luck Nicole. Realising just how alone she feels, Tommy gifts Nicole with a generous Christmas Day offer….much to Roisin’s surprise.

River City, Wednesday on BBC Scotland HD, 10 pm and Thursday on BBC One Scotland at 7 pm

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