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Brendan Cole ponders Strictly final


Brendan Cole ponders Strictly final

The former pro-dancer from the ballroom celebrity battle has shared his views as the series concluded for 2023.

Following Strictly Come Dancing’s big floor show finale at the weekend Brendan Cole sat down with Sky Bingo in an exclusive interview to discuss his views on the contestants’ bid to win the Glitterball Trophy. In his chat Brendan reflected on the final, the series as a whole the future of pros on the programme.

Speaking about the scoring Cole noted it was ‘high which is boring and pointless’,

“I have two opinions on it. I think it was still a good show. I think that the contestants were good. I think they had good publicity. For the most part, I enjoyed watching most of the dances. I wouldn’t say there are too many things that are negative. I’d say the scoring was really high which is boring and pointless.” 

Strictly Come Dancing 2023, Ellie Leach & Vito Coppola / BBC / Guy Levy

He went on to note that he thoughtit’s unlikely any pro will leave of their own accord’

“I would be surprised. I don’t know too many pros who have left on their own accord because it’s a good job. At the end of the season, you know that you are getting exposure. You know that from exposure, you get work and for work, you get money. So I doubt very much, unless somebody’s got an incredible offer to go somewhere else, I can’t see many of them getting that kind of opportunity because I don’t think that they’re popular enough as it stands, so I would doubt that they’d leave of their own accord.

“Maybe the producers will have ideas to the contrary to mix it up a little bit. Who knows? One never knows what is going on behind the scenes. So I think I think it’s unlikely that anybody’s necessarily going to leave, again, certainly not of their own accord.” 

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