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Top tips to keep perky this winter

Beauty and Fashion

Top tips to keep perky this winter

A beauty specialist has revealed seven top tips

During the winter it can be harder to stay consistent with your beauty sleep. The colder weather, festive stress, and staff work parties can make it more tempting to lie in bed and forgo your 10-step skincare routine. But, there are easy ways to keep on top of your appearance without a lot of effort.

The beauty experts at women’s lifestyle magazine Soul Factors take you through 7 top tips to help keep your night routine in check after a busy day. 

Speaking on why it’s important to stay strict to your night-time routine, experts from Soul Factors:

“A night-time routine is more than a series of steps; it’s what enables your body to recognize that it’s night and it’s time to sleep. Disrupting this routine can result in struggling to switch off after a busy day. Looking after your skin, hair and nails will leave you feeling much better as the winter chill sets in, especially if you’re already drained from juggling Christmas shopping and holiday plans. Colder air and indoor heating can strip away moisture from your body, leaving it prone to dryness.”

1. Change pillowcases at least every TWO weeks

Believe it or not, changing your pillowcases can do wonders for your skin. Bacteria easily gets transferred from your skin to your pillows and can result in acne, so it’s important to refresh them regularly. Dust mites and allergens also easily accumulate on the surface, which may cause irritation. The experts recommend washing your pillowcases weekly or at least every two weeks to remove excess oil, sweat, and makeup. If possible, you should also wash the interior of your pillow at least yearly. 

You may want to level-up your game with silk and satin pillowcases too, as these reduce friction between your skin and the sheets, minimizing breakouts, hair damage and wrinkles. 

2. Use a chamomile-infused eye mask 

Chamomile is excellent to include in your night-time routine as it contains antioxidants that are great for reducing redness and hyperpigmentation. Soak some eye pads in chamomile tea, pop them in the fridge and then use them in the evening as you unwind before bed and see the magic slowly take effect.  

In the modern day, we spend far too long staring at screens. A chamomile-infused eye mask provides a gentle, therapeutic touch that also helps alleviate eye strain, keeping your eyes refreshed.  

3. Make a moisture-boosting DIY lip scrub  

During the colder months, our lips become chapped and chaffed due to a lack of moisture caused by the weather, so including a lip scrub in your routine is essential in preventing this. 

Mix a teaspoon of granulated sugar with a drizzle of honey to create a natural exfoliate full of antioxidants. Gently swirling the sugar into your lips will remove the miniscule dead-skin particles while the honey ensures moisture gets through. 

4. Prioritize foot-care 

We often overlook the care that our feet need, especially in winter when they’re hidden away in thick socks and boots. Remembering your feet in your night-time routine can be a great choice, and doing a foot-mask will leave you with silky-smooth feet in the morning. 

Mashing half of a banana, adding in half a teaspoon of honey and mixing the two will give you a natural moisturizing foot-mask which you can pop on for 15 minutes. Leave your mask on with an old pair of socks, or even plastic wrap, and when you take the mask off, you’ll be left with smooth skin.  

5. Invest in a hair-oil treatment 

Hair-oils are fast becoming popular in the beauty industry, and for good reason, with rosemary oil becoming one of the biggest beauty trends on TikTok over the last year. Using hair-oils overnight locks in moisture, prevents further breakage and can even increase the shine and softness of your locks. 

Coconut oil is a popular option as it strengthens the hair cuticles, giving your head a lovely glossy shine. You can also DIY a hair-mask for added protection. Using a smashed ripe avocado, mix this with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and a tablespoon of honey to give your hair an overnight treat. Slather the mixture across your dry hair, making sure to distribute it evenly, cover it with a shower cap or cloth and rinse in the morning. If sleeping in it isn’t an option, you can leave it on for half an hour and still see plenty of benefits. 

6. Use a non-comedogenic moisturizer  

It is super essential to maintain a gentle skincare routine during winter. Using a non-comedogenic moisturizer adds to this as it is specifically formulated to avoid clogged pores. 

Most non-comedogenic moisturizers include skin-healthy ingredients such as ceramides, hyaluronic acid and glycerin that are non-greasy and prevent dry, flaky skin. We all love smooth, hydrated skin, so bump up your night-time routine with a lightweight, balanced moisturizer.  

7. Reduce blue light levels before bed 

Blue light is one of the worst things you can expose yourself to before settling down for the night as it blocks the brain’s ability to recognize it is night. Not only does it place a strain on your eye to be using a screen so late, but some studies have found that blue light may result in worsened retinal damage. Getting yourself blue light glasses, designed specifically to avoid this, can prove a great addition to your beauty night-routine. 

Speaking on why it’s important to stay strict to your night-time routine, experts from Soul Factors:

Opt for beauty-products with nourishing ingredients that hydrate and leave your hair and skin feeling soft. This will also put you in a good position for the New Year – especially if your resolutions orient around improving your physical and mental wellbeing.” 

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