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Danny Walters departs EastEnders


Danny Walters departs EastEnders

Take one deceased resident, six glamorously dressed women and one burnt-out café. Boxing Day dramas in EastEnders…

Keanu Taylor met his demise at the hands of Linda Carter and a carving fork. A popular character in the Albert Square drama Keanu was first seen in June 2017 as part of the Taylor family – mother Karen Taylor, half-sister Chantelle (killed by being shoved onto a knife in a dishwasher by her abusive husband Gray), Keegan, Bernadette, Chatham and Riley.

He had his fair share of troubles during his time in Walford. Father of Peggy Mitchell Jr – with Louise Mitchell – he thought until his demise he was also the father of Albie Watts but it turns out he is the offspring of Phil and Sharon. A tragedy for all concerned.

After departing the square in 2020 Keanu returned in February this year and had ten final months of dodging disasters until Christmas Day when while trying to strangle Sharon to death he was stabbed in the back. An ironic moment considering he’d been stabbing Shazza in the back by pretending Albie had been kidnapped when really he was behind the ploy.

Now, as he waves goodbye to the BBC Elstree Studios, actor Danny Walters reflects on his time with EastEnders.

No ‘I do’s’ the wedding ended in tatters…

Christmas Day, the highly anticipated whodunnit and who-is-it was finally revealed. How hard has it been to keep this a secret?

It’s been extremely difficult! I feel like I’ve been very deceitful to my friends and my family [Laughs] and have made many excuses! But, I wanted the storyline to have as much impact as possible for the audience, so I’ve tried my best to keep everything a secret and hopefully that’s paid off.

How did you feel when you finally read the Christmas Day episode after working up to this storyline for months?

The Christmas Day episode is a great episode. It stands alone, and there is so much to it. The writing in the script was fantastic, and every character had such a great storyline throughout the whole episode. For my character, the episode is a real rollercoaster of emotions from the highs and the lows. It was such a pleasure to be part of.

Keanu, Sharon and Albie… but Keanu wasn’t the daddy.

 You burst onto our screens as Keanu Taylor back in 2017, and you’ve had some amazing storylines during your time on the show. What are some of your favourite storyline moments?

There’s been so many, and it’s been such a privilege to work with such a great cast over the years and to meet some fantastic colleagues, but also to have made some good friends over the years. I think the arrival of the Taylors, when we first arrived on Albert Square in the back of a van, and with the dog Bronson jumping out. Just the entrance of the Taylors, is a very iconic scene that will always be embedded into my history on the show. Also, the 35th anniversary boat stunt was a very memorable time.

 Walford weddings are notoriously eventful. How was it filming those wedding scenes?

It was great, it was a lot of fun. The cast and crew were fantastic. It was a great storyline to be a part of, and it is that traditional EastEnders wedding in the way it doesn’t go to plan. Filming it was fantastic and seeing Letitia Dean walk down the aisle, she looked so beautiful. It was amazing to film those scenes with her and to see how far our characters had come. It’s been a big journey for them. I think Keanu has always wanted that and wanted Sharon, and to finally have his chance to make her his wife. Obviously, in traditional EastEnders style, it didn’t go to plan!

With mother Karen he hatched a badly thought-out kidnap plan for Albie.

 How does it feel to have been involved in such a talked-about storyline for your exit?

It was great to be a part of. I hope the viewers have enjoyed the storyline. As myself, I’m a small part of the bigger puzzle, but hopefully my piece of this puzzle has made an impact.

 You’ve been a favourite character amongst the viewers since you joined. What will you remember about your time in EastEnders?

It’s been a blast. From the things my character has done, to the drama that he’s got himself involved in, to the danger he’s got himself involved in, and to the women that he’s got himself involved in over the years. It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride, but what a journey it’s been.

 Lastly, are there any keepsakes you’ve taken from the set to remind you of Keanu Taylor?

Yes! I’ve taken his greasy mechanic ‘Taylors Autos’ overalls! [Laughs]

Overalls and out, Danny’s off with Keanu’s work wear.

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