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Nicolette is provoked with saucy lingerie in Neighbours

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Nicolette is provoked with saucy lingerie in Neighbours

The final visit of the week to Erinsborough …

David and Leo are at Krista’s side after she spins out at the New Year’s Eve party, claiming someone spiked her drink. At the hospital, Remi checks Krista and shares David’s suspicion that she’s taken some sort of opioid. Krista keeps denying that she didn’t take anything, but will anyone believe her?

Sadie has been offered a place in a childcare degree. She builds up the courage to admit to Wendy that she doesn’t want to study a three-year course and spend thousands of dollars. She wants to be a makeup artist. But Wendy, who only wants the best for her daughter, does not take this news well…

Byron hands over a key he discovers under Nicolette’s front doorstep, listing an address for an apartment in the Docklands. Nicolette goes there and discovers a deserted apartment with a bag from a lingerie company in the middle of the room. Who’s trying to provoke Nicolette?

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