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Zara is indignant in Home and Away

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Zara is indignant in Home and Away

The final visit of the week to Summer Bay…

Mali confronts Zara following Rose’s ultimatum. What did she say to Rose that caused so much upset? Zara is indignant but Mali delivers a harsh message to Zara – “Stay away from my girlfriend”. Xander tries to mediate between the warring parties – Zara just seems lonely, he reckons – but Rose is immovable. It’s up to Mali now to make a choice…

Mali approaches Zara to share his truth – he chooses Rose. This compels Zara to be honest with him. She hated studying law. She thought it was her dream, but the reality didn’t measure up. She had to find a way to justify abandoning this dream to her family. If it turned out to be because of true love, they might be okay with it. A new understanding of her motivations, Mali is kind to his ex – she can stay as long as she needs. He explains his decision to an anxious Rose, and sweetening the deal – if Zara stays at his place, is it ok if he moves into Rose’s for the time being?

Marilyn finds the courage to stand up to Roo and the demand that Marilyn is forced to continue lying to Alf about the state of their friendship. “You created this mess, Roo. Why don’t you fix it?”
Marilyn is supportive of Irene about the gossip following her recent arrest, and Irene resigns to return the favour. Irene barrels into Roo’s to give her a piece of her mind – Justin and Leah almost died and Roo’s focus is on lying to her dad to mask her cruelty to Marilyn. Grow up!

Miraculously, Irene’s words have cut through Roo’s icy exterior. Roo unloads – she needed someone to be angry with after her injury, and Marilyn was the obvious choice considering she showed no interest in visiting Roo whilst in hospital. Marilyn apologises too – she felt so guilty after the explosion, she couldn’t look Roo in the eye. Finally, the two friends are back on the same page, and Roo even invites Marilyn to move back in.

Home and Away airs 1:45pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR. First-look screenings air at 6:30pm on 5STAR and the series also streams on My5. 

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