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Byron’s suspicions are piqued in Neighbours

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Byron’s suspicions are piqued in Neighbours

This week in Erinsborough…


Byron’s suspicions are piqued when Nicolette returns with his car, forgetting her cover story. When Byron discovers the lingerie, Nicolette covers again but Byron doesn’t buy it and becomes certain that something is going on, especially when he sees her voluntarily spending time with Paul.

An antsy Jane and Terese meet with Mayor Helen Brown and reveal Paul influenced the vote. Although Helen sympathises with Terese’s divorce woes, she has no choice but to conduct a re-vote. The project Jane and Terese have been working so hard on once again hangs on the councilors’ tick of approval.

Following her blow-up with Wendy, Sadie asks Haz if she can move into the share house. Meanwhile, Wendy voices her fears to Andrew that Sadie will end up just like her – pointless. Andrew gently posits that if Wendy has regrets, they are her own to do something about. Later, Andrew assures Sadie that Wendy’s reaction is more about her own career hang-ups and promises there will be no more pressure. But has he done enough to keep his family together?


The mysterious woman is revealed to be Sasha’s wife, Veronica, who holds Nicolette responsible for the breakdown of their marriage and Sasha’s ensuing disappearance. She charges Nicolette with finding him for her, threatening to tell her family the truth if she fails.

Holly is doing her best to play the cool girlfriend for Haz, assuring him that she’s totally fine with Mackenzie’s imminent return to the street. But Karl can see Holly’s lying, and in a moment of vulnerability, Holly has to think long and hard about which direction she must take to be happy. Will it be with Haz or without him?

Toadie is taken aback, but supportive when Nell asks Melanie to come to her next counselling session. During the session, Melanie is caught off guard when Nell finally expresses her deep hurt over Melanie’s leaving their family without warning. When Toadie is later asked to join Melanie for a session, Toadie surprises himself with an outpouring of deeply held emotion.


Nell offers Terese her support

Haz and Mackenzie continue to edge around the topic of them still having feelings for each other, constantly finding reasons to delay the inevitable conversation. When Holly later encounters Haz and he apologises, she urges him to sort himself out and observes that he has a commitment issue.

Having just bared their souls in counselling, Melanie and Toadie emerge feeling bewildered and emotionally raw. Terese is desperate to know what occurred but Toadie remains reticent, fuelling Terese’s insecurities. Things come to a head at the Rodwell’s barbecue when everyone hears Melanie’s distinctive laughter, booming over the next-door fence. Unable to handle it, Toadie flees but does he still have feelings or is it just memories of happier times stirred up?

Later cornered by Terese, Toadie admits that recent events are still a lot to process. Melanie returns home from her counselling session but it doesn’t seem to have helped much. Karl, who’s just been counselling Holly following her recent life issues, offers to do the same for her, but Melanie’s in no mood to talk. Seeing she needs cheering, Karl invites her out into the garden where he has a surprise for her. It’s none other than Elvis, Karl’s horrific pig planter that he’s been hiding under the house from Susan for many years.

Melanie loves Elvis on sight and cheers herself up even more by teasing Karl about her plans for Elvis’s future. While taking Trevor out for a walk, Byron encounters a woman who claims Trevor is her long lost groodle, Bodie, a dearly loved family pet who went missing and was never found. Satisfied the woman’s telling the truth, Byron shares the news with Haz, encouraging him to give the woman a call to discuss the matter.

Haz flatly denies the woman’s claim, even when Byron and Mackenzie present him with more irrefutable evidence. No one is taking his dog. Ever.


Still waiting for Toadie to talk to her about his counselling session with Melanie, Terese feels sidelined. Feeling responsible for the tension between the pair, Nell offers Terese her support and pulls Melanie into line. When Toadie and Melanie finally talk about the issues raised in counselling, he decides its time to discuss the past few weeks since his ex-wife’s return with his latest wife.

Determined to hold onto Trevor at any cost, Haz decides to keep his dog at home and out of sight. When Mackenzie tries to reason with him, Haz feels unsupported and goes to Toadie for legal advice.

Krista and Leo’s growing feelings for each other are witnessed by David and Paul, neither of whom is happy about their closeness. However, when Leo discovers that Sadie left Abigail in Krista’s care, his subconscious feelings rise to the surface. Giving Sadie an angry spray, he reveals his deep-seated mistrust of Krista, unaware that she is there and overheard everything.

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