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A twist for The Traitors?


A twist for The Traitors?

Strategy expert predicts a new twist for The Traitors series two that could change the course of the show…

With the highly anticipated second series of hit BBC reality show The Traitors well underway, viewers are likely to be theorising potential twists and turns that will help keep this instalment fresh and unpredictable. During episode one of the latest series, host Claudia Winkleman asks the contestants to line up in order of most to least likely to win the show, before entering the Scottish castle.

While this appeared to mirror the format from series one, in which the two least confident contestants were instantly banished and later reintroduced to the show, Winkleman jests ‘as if we’d do the same thing, before ushering everyone into the castle. However, she does imply that this series will be different from the first, warning this year’s contestants, You think you know how this game works, you don’t.’ 

Amber Crook, Editorial Chief and board game strategy expert at has shared her prediction for how she believes the latest series will differ, which she thinks could leave some viewers shocked during the series finale. 

“While The Traitors was praised for its original and exciting format during its first UK series, this new set of contestants are likely to come in with their own preconceived ideas and strategies for how to win the game. In order to keep the series interesting and different from its predecessor, the producers this time round may have taken some inspiration from the Dutch version of the show, De Verraders.

“At the end of the first two series of De Verraders, the final contestants were given the opportunity to split or steal the prize pot between their fellow contestants, even if they have been one of the faithful throughout. Often referred to as the prisoner’s dilemma, if one contestant chooses to steal, and another chooses to split, the betrayer will take home all of the prize money. If both choose to split, they will each take half of the money, but if both choose to steal, the prize fund will be forfeited entirely. 

 The producers may have taken this direction if all the traitors are caught early on, as it will add an interesting twist that is likely to keep viewers on the edge of their seat. We will just have to wait and see how the remaining episodes pan out, but either way, I’m sure we are in store for another nail-biting series, Amber says. 

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