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How much it would cost to buy ‘The Traitors’ castle?


How much it would cost to buy ‘The Traitors’ castle?

The real-life castle where ‘The Traitors’ is filmed has been valued at around £17 million…

For those interested in living the Traitor lifestyle or those who want a taste of old money, the Traitors Castle would set you back ‘just’ under twenty million quid. Researchers provided a valuation for Ardross Castle, an estate with a history spanning 220 years and known as the filming location for BBC One ratings winner The Traitors. They analyzed a geocoding system, examined Highland property data, and employed a land value estimator to estimate the entire estate’s total cost.

The UK is hooked on the insatiable mix of murders, banishments, treachery and deceit. Broadcast viewing is increasing week on week, the Beeb note, and in the first 7-Days alone the first episode saw an average audience of 6.4 million and more than doubled from the overnights (from 3.1m to 6.4m on 7-days for all audiences), with episodes two and three both at 6.1million. The series is attracting high viewing amongst young audiences too as it continues to be the biggest new entertainment brand in the market for 16-34’s.

Kalpna Patel-Knight, BBC’s Head of Entertainment Commissioning:

“The phenomenal growth of The Traitors on the BBC is testament to a fiendishly fresh format with the amazing Claudia Winkleman as our insightful and witty guide alongside the players masterful gameplay, all together making series two unmissable viewing. The Traitors demonstrates the success of the BBC’s on demand iPlayer strategy. Launching and then growing a new Entertainment series in such a competitive market is no mean feat and with a gobsmacking final on the horizon, The Traitors is deservedly one of the hottest and most talked about programmes around.”

Just north of Inverness, the Ardross Castle estate, situated along the banks of the Alness River, spans 100 acres within the Scottish Highlands. Its total valuation stands at around seventeen million British pounds. The estate’s history traces back to the late 1700s when an original Sutherland hunting lodge was constructed upon the Duke of Sutherland’s purchase.

In 1845, Sir Alexander Matheson acquired the estate for £90,000. He commissioned the central piece of the estate, Ardross Castle, now valued at over £2.9 million and spanning 22,000 square feet. This Scottish Baronial style home was listed as a ‘Category A’ property in 1971. In 1983 it was noted the castle was cheaper to purchase than a ‘Chelsea Flat’.

Whether you want to take a stroll through the scenic formal gardens, browse the library, attend to the stable block, or simply lounge in the drawing rooms, Ardross Castle provides luxury and comfort at every turn. Alongside its grand towers and staircases, Ardross Castle is framed by beautifully landscaped gardens and woodlands.

However, in contrast to the grand staircase scenes depicted in the filming, the contestants’ actual sleeping quarters are in a less extravagant setting. They actually stay at a hotel located next to Inverness Airport.

While individual stays or visits to the castle are not permitted, Ardross Castle is open for hire and caters to parties and corporate events. It serves as an enchanting venue for dream weddings, accommodating up to 41 guests for a unique overnight experience, as well as for team-building activities.

Josh Lingenfelter, a spokesperson for Vegas Gems, who commissioned the research said:

“In the two weeks since its second series debut, ‘The Traitors’ has had viewers on the edge of their seats. Interestingly, it has also kindled an increased interest in the Scottish Highlands, potentially boosting relocation. The season premiere led to a significant 445% rise in US searches for a ‘move to Scotland.’

“While viewers may be tempted to move into the picturesque location, the financial reality of the castle itself is substantial. Living on the Scottish estate would require the average American to spend over 358 times their annual salary. This prompts viewers to consider the practicality of translating their on-screen inspiration into real-world plans.”

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