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Harry Clark talks The Traitors win

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Harry Clark talks The Traitors win

“In there, a switch flicked… ‘I’m here to try and win the money’ and that was my motivation”…

Winner of Friday night’s The Traitors final on BBC One, Harry Clark, joined Rochelle Humes and Rylan Clark live on ITV earlier to discuss how it felt taking home the jackpot. Speaking on This Morning Harry, who is the youngest ever Traitor on the show, also addressed the romance rumours between himself and Mollie and revealed his winning game plan.

On whether he wanted to be a Traitor entering the castle, he said: “Yes, 100%… I’ve always said I am a Jekyll and Hyde sort of person. Monday to Friday, do the job and get the work done and as soon as it comes to the weekend, I have no control over my actions. I am just Harry. So when I was in there, I had to be trustworthy and faithful all the time. I wanted to see if I could pull it off.”

He added: “I actually wanted to be a traitor so bad but Claudia Winkleman sort of made me nervous. When we had the interview, I don’t even remember what I said. I thought ‘I’ve messed this up, she’s never going to choose me’.”

Harry commented on the reality of lying to his teammates: “It was the hardest thing because believe it or not I have the worst poker face in the world. So my family always knows when I am lying.” He continued: “In there, I don’t know what happened but a switch flicked and I was like I’m here for my family and I’m here to try and win the money and that was my motivation. I am never going to be this close to making this sort of money again in my life so I am going to give it everything.”

Clearing up the rumours about a romantic connection with Mollie, Harry said: “I wanted to mention Mollie obviously as well because of our connection, and to put it out there for all the rumours, there is no romance involved. I’ve got an amazing girlfriend who I love dearly. 

“She has an amazing boyfriend who I have met, he’s a legend. So I feel a bit sorry for them as we are just two young people who built a genuine connection and I know more about her boyfriend than I do about Mollie and she knows more about my girlfriend than she does about me because that’s how we connected.”

Touching on what was said after the cameras stopped rolling, he added:  “We were really close friends and that showed our bond as when it finished, she was still worried about me and she didn’t want me to feel like she hated me. She is amazing to know, she wanted to see me and I was a bit worried going in thinking, ‘She is going to be behind the door and she’s going to put me out of my misery’, but she just gave me a massive hug and said ‘I love and hate you at the same time’. He added: “I wouldn’t blame her if she still hated me now.” 

On bringing down fellow Traitors during the game, he said: “Each time I voted for one, I was also stressing thinking they were going to be like, ‘I’m bringing him down with me’ but they never did and that’s a credit to them as people as well. I knew Paul was a big character and I clicked with him straight away, we were like best friends. But I looked at him and he wasn’t being himself, and he will tell you that, he was living this lie in a character he has made up by reading mad books and stuff whereas I was just myself, an open book.” 

Responding to Rylan’s question on whether Harry would have taken Andrew into the final with him before he turned, he responded: “Nah. It sounds so bad and greedy but to me, I just thought I’ve got this opportunity to win it and it’s in the bag. The game is called The Traitors, so if I am going to be a Traitor from the start, I might as well finish it as a Traitor. And to be honest, I loved Andrew to pieces but he had always told me that he just wanted to get to the final and he was just happy just to get to the final so I never thought he would turn on me but fairplay to him.”

Discussing the final roundtable, Harry said: “Jaz was such an amazing person and the hardest thing about the game is that you have to trust someone. If you have a theory and you need support and you need backing, if people don’t trust you and they are confused a bit by you and are a bit suspect, they won’t believe anything you say either. And if people are coming for you, you need these people as a support group around you. I got really lucky with building that connection with Mollie and we had already spoken about it whereas he didn’t so she didn’t really trust him at all.” 

Harry confirmed that the prize money had just been sent to him on the way into the This Morning studios and joked about how he planned to spend it, he said: “Shall we just all run off and go and get a pornstar martini” before finishing the interview by saying “I owe Mollie 100% and I’ll figure out some way [to repay her].”

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