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Medics try to discover what’s wrong with Mackenzie in Home and Away

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Medics try to discover what’s wrong with Mackenzie in Home and Away

This week in Summer Bay…


Cash and Xander spring into action as Mackenzie lies unconscious on the floor of Salt. Cash grabs the defib from the Surf Club, but Xander is grim, unable to find a pulse. One ambulance ride later and it’s Bree’s turn to fight for Mac’s life. Even though she’s in the hospital, there is still a question if she’ll pull through. As she stirs, Bree gently probes – does she remember what happened?

Cash grills Felicity on the circumstances leading up to Mackenzie’s collapse – it didn’t look like they were “just talking” to him. Felicity snaps at her brother – she overheard Cash & Eden, so she knows that Tane is sleeping with other women. Enter Tane, and Felicity is filled with fury to see her estranged husband. She lashes out at him – until Bree is forced to eject them both from the hospital.

When she and Cash are at home later, she turns on him again, but Cash isn’t having it – it wasn’t him, or Mackenzie, who ended her marriage, it was her own doing. And when Felicity turns up to Mackenzie’s bedside at the Hospital with an apology, Mackenzie doesn’t want to hear it, and turns her friend away…

Meanwhile, a hotshot young doctor arrives at the Hospital asking for Bree – it’s Doctor Levi Fowler, cardiothoracic surgeon. Will he have the answers Mac so desperately needs about her health?


Dr Levi Fowler is ready to get to the bottom of what’s wrong with Mackenzie, and Dana sings his praises to Irene – Mackenzie’s in really good hands. As Mac’s nerves compound over the exploratory surgery, Levi shows off his talent for patient care when he brings her out of a panic – “You’re in the best possible place” he soothes her. And it just about works. When Mackenzie comes to after surgery, Levi is the first person she sees. There was a tear in her artery, but he repaired it. She’s made it through.

Felicity tries to get Mali to spill on Tane’s love life, but Mali dodges the questions. Tane’s frustrated to hear that Felicity has tried to drag his friend into their breakup. Mali is clearly concerned for Felicity – “She’s not moving on” he tells Tane, who is less than sympathetic. When the exes do cross paths later, Felicity seizes the moment to apologise, and make a heartfelt declaration, but Tane is unmoved – what she did, in his eyes, is unforgivable. After their encounter though, he’s shaken. Is he ready to move on?

Harper quizzes Dana on her connection to Dr. Fowler – why did she get weird last night when he came up? Dana admits, Levi used to work at her old hospital, St. Christophers. Dana hopes he won’t remember her though – surgeons are far too busy and important to remember lowly nurses, after all. At work, Dana is shocked when Levi does recognise her. But she’s relieved when he doesn’t care about the gossip surrounding her departure and he’s even affirming – she’s doing a great job.


John is on top of the world as he drives the CAN-AM down the beach, however, Alf vents to Roo and Irene about the dire situation with the committee – the matter should have been resolved as soon as John had apologised. In fact, Alf receives word that the committee has called an executive meeting and breaks the news to John – things are looking pretty grim. John later describes himself to Roo and Irene as a ‘dead man walking’.

After some encouragement from Irene, John rushes to the Surf Club to defend himself but is turned away by Alf. When Alf does emerge after a very brief meeting, John is fired up and digs in, accusing Alf of having called the meeting himself. But in truth, John’s short temper might mean he has burnt a bridge with his only ally.

Harper observes Tane’s struggle. He resists her offer to talk, instead permitting her to join a boot camp session. Afterwards, he turns down Harper’s offer of a coffee – “I don’t need a counsellor”. But Harper is devoted to a friend in need, winning Tane over with rugby banter. He finally confides in her about the breakdown of his marriage, leading Harper to pose the question – “Is this the pain talking?” Tane explains he’s been fighting for their relationship since the day he met Felicity. Now it feels like the pain and the marriage are inseparable.


Justin rushes to the station to Leah’s side following her terrifying accident, but before they can talk, Rose will need to breathalyse her. Although Leah’s tests come back clear, both Rose and Justin are clearly concerned. Returning home but still rattled, Leah admits what really happened – she fell asleep at the wheel. The accident was her fault. Justin is naturally concerned, but Leah is done talking, and she snaps when Justin presses her for more information. When Rose drops by the next day, she questions Leah – can she explain why she ran a red light?

Hearing her explanation, Rose confirms she won’t press charges, but she is worried. Leah’s sleep issue has become dangerous. Leah is openly angry, especially with Justin when he continues to press for more details. But she fully unleashes as he follows her outside – he was unconscious for most of their ordeal, but she wasn’t. Every time she closes her eyes, she sees him dying – “Don’t try to understand what I’m going through, because you can’t”.


John is reeling after his confrontation with Alf. He vents to Irene who can’t believe he’d risk making things worse for himself with such a public outburst. He crosses paths with Alf, who unveils John’s fate – he can keep his job, but he won’t be teaching anymore. John is devastated and explains to Irene if he can’t teach, he’ll resign from the Club altogether. He packs his things and returns his whistle. His resolve is firm – John quits!

Shouting dinner for her bandmates, Kirby finally tells them about the source of her windfall – one of her songs has been licensed to another artist. Eden and Remi are thrilled but curious – how will she spend the money? Kirby reveals the next day – she’s spending the money on more studio time for Lyrik’s next album! Eden is ecstatic, but Remi is more reserved… is something bothering him about accepting money from Kirby?

Home and Away airs 1:45pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR. First-look screenings air at 6:30pm on 5STAR and the series also streams on My5. 

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