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Pick of the Plots: Wednesday 21st February

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Wednesday 21st February

Your Pick of the Plots for Wednesday, February 21.

Lucas is worried about Denise’s behaviour.

Denise returns home where her continued erratic behaviour scares Amy and Ricky. She explains she must get far away to keep them safe and grabs the car keys.

Amy convinces Denise to let her come and they drive off, as Ricky desperately tries to reach Jack.

Meanwhile, Stacey confides in Suki that she’s been seeing Jack who now believes his marriage is over. Suki insists she must convince him to stay with his wife and end things for all their sakes.

Stacey tells Jack their affair is over, but the conversation is interrupted when Lucas calls to share his fears about Denise.

Denise and Amy drive at high speed through a wooded area until Denise stops the car and rushes off into the night, leaving Amy distraught.

Elsewhere, Jade is mortified when Dean is strict with her, and Avani teases her that her dad has her on a short leash.

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When Tracy reveals that she’s got the house to herself as Steve’s on an airport run, Tommy can’t resist. However, their shenanigans are interrupted by the appearance of Tim’s face at the bedroom window.

Tracy appears in her dressing gown and convinces Tim and Gav who have been cleaning the windows that her and Steve were enjoying a bit of lunchtime fun.

Tim mentions the incident to Sally whose suspicions are piqued when Steve later mentions being in his car all day.

Meanwhile, Alya shows Dee-Dee the CCTV footage from the Bistro. Dee-Dee confronts Joel, who admits that he has a wife, Emily, a daughter, Maisie and his wife threw him out when she was pregnant because he had an affair. Dee-Dee reels in shock.

Elsewhere, George, Eileen and Mary make a fuss of Dylan on his birthday, but Sean can barely look at him.

Also, Bethany tells Daniel about the far-right article and shows him a threatening message she’s received from one of Lauren’s old contacts.

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Nicola and Jimmy receive the date for Angel’s sentencing.

Meanwhile, after approaching Harry’s grave, Charity starts to feel defiant and as she trashes his grave, she begins to take her power back.

Elsewhere, a loved-up Belle and Tom arrive home from their honeymoon. When Belle asserts herself, Tom puts his foot down, intent on being in control.

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