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Marcus is convinced that Electromagnetic Field radiation and 5G is making him ill in Doctors

Marcus is played by Neil Grainger of Hebburn and Crossroads fame

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Marcus is convinced that Electromagnetic Field radiation and 5G is making him ill in Doctors

This week in Letherbridge…


Scarlett treats Luca to breakfast and he says she can stay for a few days at Emma’s. Luca asks about her and Suni, but they haven’t spoken for a while. At the Mill, Suni meets with Zara, Nina and Al to discuss Al sitting in on his consultations. Scarlett meets Suni and asks him where they stand…

Rob bumps into Ruhma at the police station. She’s impressed that he’s fostering on his own and asks about Liv. Rob tells her it’s early days and Ruhma offers to help if he needs it. At Rob’s Liv has come home from school early and helps herself to the contents of the fridge. Rob is surprised to see her when he gets back. Liv asks Rob how much money he gets for fostering.

Arif watches from a distance as his brother, Farhan unpacks in a private room at St Phil’s. Farhan tells his mother, Mariam Hadid that Arif will turn up. At the Campus, Arif tells Jimmi that he wants a sick note. Jimmi is intrigued by Arif’s medical knowledge and the constant calls on his phone. Arif loses his temper when Jimmi won’t give him anything in writing and leaves. Finally answering his phone, he lies to his mother saying he won’t be able to go through with it because he’s sick.


Scarlett is impressed when she hears Luca singing in the shower. Luca is happy that he caught up with an old friend the night before and enjoyed a break from the norm. Scarlett tells Kirsty that Luca might be just what the charity auction needs. Kirsty turns on the charm to persuade Luca to take part.. Suni is back to work at The Mill and not looking forward to it. Rob brings Liv in for a new prescription, but she doesn’t hit it off with Suni and storms out of the room. Nina watches, concerned. Later in the day, Al sits in on Suni’s consultations – how will he get on?

Sid is called to a roadside accident. Michaela Devaney, in her 70s, was in her car when it was rammed into from behind. The other driver didn’t stop. Sid is concerned by Michaela’s injuries as she is taken to hospital.

Later he hears that she’s taken a turn for the worse. Sid is called to Sam Masterson and Mia Terrell’s house. Sam has an injured leg and Mia has reluctantly called the emergency services. Sid is puzzled by their behaviour and doesn’t believe their story…


Kirsty is determined to put Bear and Luca through their paces and arranges a singing rehearsal so she can her them duet. Things get off to a bad start when they can’t even agree on a song.

Scarlett is puzzled by Al’s behaviour at the Campus surgery – he has a fancy new microphone and is testing it out with Jimmi. Al reveals his latest idea, he’s starting a podcast about real-life medical mysteries! Scarlett isn’t impressed…

Student Tess visits fellow student Josie to collect an essay she has paid Josie to write for her. Josie is puzzled by Tess, as she’s a bright student and could write her own essays. She flirts with Tess and they start kissing. Meanwhile, Nina visits her lecturer friend Margot Quinn, who is struggling with the pressures of work and the recent break-up from her girlfriend.

Tess hands her essay into Margot, and goes to see Nina at The Mill. She tells Nina she wants to come off her anti depressants as she’s happy and in love. Nina urges caution. Margot calls Tess in and confronts her about the essay – it’s clearly not her own work. Margot asks if Josie wrote it, but Tess lies. She warns Josie that Margot is on to her…


Al is at home, recording the introduction to the first episode of ‘The Doctective’ – his new podcast investigating medical mysteries. During a consultation with Al, Janet Richer reveals that she wants to divorce her husband Marcus. Al remembers seeing Marcus before Covid, as he was experiencing lots of illness. He stopped coming to see Al before they could find out what was wrong. Janet reveals that Marcus has been getting much worse lately and begs Al to come and see for himself…

A few days later, Al visits the Richers and is shocked to find that Marcus (40s) is living in the basement, trying to protect himself from all technology. He scans Al and reluctantly allows him to enter. Marcus is convinced that Electromagnetic Field radiation and 5G is making him ill. Al persuades Marcus to come upstairs and is alarmed to see him suddenly appear ill. Ginny Kingston (50s) arrives – she’s a wellness guru and things are tense between her and Janet. Ginny is a huge influence on Marcus, and he’s paying her a lot. Al decides to investigate the mystery – is 5G really making Marcus unwell?

Doctors, Monday to Thursday at 1.45 pm on BBC One and the iPlayer.

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