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Lenny has plans for Tyler and Connor in River City

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Lenny has plans for Tyler and Connor in River City

This week in Shieldinch…


After his accidental wedding proposal, Mikey expresses his guilt to Mulvaney who encourages him to tell Jonathon the truth.

Later, Bernie’s surprised by Mikey’s far-from-enthusiastic response to his engagement leading to a confession about who the proposal was really intended for. Stunned and touched by the revelation, Bernie admits Mulvaney is the only man she’s ever loved and questions if Mikey can say the same about his new fiancé. If not, it’s time to tell the truth.

While Mikey tries to broach the subject of love and marriage with Jonathon, Bernie surprises Mulvaney with a romantic gesture of her own.

Elsewhere, Alex seeks answers about his past, admitting to Amber he fears his promiscuity might mean Karen will never take him back. This irks Amber who tells her brother his lack of accountability in relationships is the real issue. Later, at a therapy session with Roisin, Alex is stunned when she suggests his past might be hampering his ability to sustain happy, long-term relationships.

Out of hospital, Kim tries to get on with things but Scarlett is shocked to discover she plans to return to work. When Bob learns about Kim’s plans, he confronts her, urging her to put her health first. Irritated by his interference, Kim assures Bob she can cope.


Tyler tells Lenny their profits are down and he suspects someone else is dealing drugs on their patch. Lenny orders Tyler to find the person and it’s not long before he spots Dean with a large bag of cash.

Meanwhile, Dean is unnerved when Conor assigns him another drug drop-off job, making it clear he calls the shots. Feeling the pressure, Dean pleads with Nicole to help who is stunned to discover Conor’s dodgy side-line. Realising Conor could be an asset, Lenny instructs Tyler to get him on board. However, Tyler isn’t convinced.

Elsewhere, Sam is shaken by the unexpected arrival of his big brother, Seb but it’s clear there’s no love lost between the siblings. Later, at the Tall Ship, Sam is rattled when Seb flirts with Caitlin. Worse still, Caitlin lets slip about the money Sam’s due from his recent song success – much to Seb’s surprise. Afterall, he was also in the band.

Mikey tells Mulvaney he feels overwhelmed by Jonathon’s wedding plans and wishes he could have the no-fuss day his parents are planning.

Bernie is soon on the receiving end of Jonathon’s excitement and finds herself railroaded into a designer dress fitting. She reigns Jonathon in saying that money is a factor for them. With unbridled enthusiasm, Jonathon comes up with the perfect solution for them all – a double wedding.

River City, BBC Scotland Channel Monday and Wednesday at 10 pm. Also on BBC One Scotland on Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm

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