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Pick of the Plots: Thursday 29th February

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Thursday 29th February

Your Pick of the Plots for Thursday, February 29.

Suki tries to reason with Kat that Nish is dangerous and she should steer clear, but Kat ignores her warnings and goes ahead with her plan.

Kat arrives at No 41 to see Nish, but it soon becomes clear that Nish is aware of what she is up to.

After fending off an attack from Nish, Kat runs to Stacey, Eve and Suki where they all share words and Kat and Stacey humiliate Nish. Nish retaliates by giving DC Whisson a call regarding the events of Christmas…

Meanwhile, Amy is deflated when Chelsea reveals that Denise isn’t doing as well as Jack has led her to believe. Denzel invites Amy out for a date night to cheer her up, but he fails to arrive due to a gym session.

Outside Walford East restaurant, Amy is repulsed to see Dean on a first date with Fern, and storms over to interrupt the pair by exposing his dark past.

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When Daniel asks Daisy if she’ll look after Bertie for a few hours, she agrees, looking wistfully after Daniel. Daisy confides in Glenda that there’s still a spark between her and Daniel and she hopes they can get back together.

With Rita’s birthday party in full swing in The Rovers, Mary receives a message and accidentally airdrops it to everyone in the pub. Daisy’s face falls as she reads: “I had a Torrid Affair with my Acid Attack Hero”.

Meanwhile, a family liaison officer calls to tell Nick that another man has come forward claiming that he killed Natasha and Harvey is planning an appeal. When Nick and Leanne tell Sarah and Damon about it, Damon reckons that Harvey must be paying someone to carry the can.

Elsewhere, Tracy breaks the news to Ken and Amy that she’s been having a fling with Tommy. As Tommy puts the finishing touches to their bathroom, Tim tells Sally he wants him gone out of loyalty to Steve.

Also, Sean makes Dylan promise to give Mrs Crawshaw the names of the bullies. However, when he reads a threatening text from Mason, Dylan’s visibly scared.

Dylan shows the headteacher the texts on his phone but when she asks him to name the other bullies, will he comply?

Coronation Street, ITV1, tonight at 8pm

Gus drops April back off outside Smithy, but is furious that Rhona has pleaded not guilty. He’s defensive when Rhona moves to see Ivy, and a scuffle with Marlon leads to Gus falling on the floor injured.

An angry Gus rejects Marlon’s apology for knocking him over.

Meanwhile, Chas reveals to her family the cause of her cancer is the faulty BRCA2 gene. Cain, Caleb and Aaron are blindsided to learn they could have it too.

Cain and Caleb are further rocked with the realisation they could have passed it on to their children.

Elsewhere, Belle talks to Angel about her time in a Secure Children’s Home. But when Angel gets upset, Jimmy feels that Belle has gone too far.

Emmerdale, ITV1, tonight at 7pm

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