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Ash goes out of his way to avoid Gillian in River City

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Ash goes out of his way to avoid Gillian in River City

This week in Shieldinch…


Sam’s crushed when Chloe reveals their music windfall isn’t as lucrative as hoped. In contrast, Seb downplays his disappointment – you win some, you lose some.

Seb heads off to The Tall Ship to say his goodbyes and ends up lending Caitlin a hand behind the bar. The pair have a light-hearted chat, bonding over their music tastes.

After urging Sam to come clean to Caitlin, Chloe drags him over to the pub where they are gob-smacked to see her duetting with Seb in front of a cheering crowd. As Sam’s jealously rears its ugly head, Chloe spots a business opportunity.

Elsewhere, Conor squirms when Nicole confronts him about his drug-dealing side-line. Meanwhile, Lenny tells Alex he can’t believe Conor turned down his offer for a job. He’s not the only one – Conor knew nothing about it and realises Tyler has duped them all. Not to be outdone, Conor spots an opportunity to get his own back on Tyler, whilst working with the Murdochs and secretly building his own criminal empire with Nicole.

With Mikey loved up, Gillian confesses Ash and her haven’t said ‘I Love You’…yet. Mikey encourages her to confess her feelings but Gillian’s romantic declaration leaves her feeling even more confused.


Bob’s annoyed to discover Kim has decided to return to work despite promising she wouldn’t. Despite her assurances it’s only light work duties, Bob is deeply concerned she’s not taking her heart condition seriously.

After confiding in Scarlett, Bob takes matters into his own hands at the hospital. Mortified by his interference, Kim confronts Bob, the stress of which leads to her losing consciousness. Kim’s doctor reiterates the seriousness of the situation – she has chronic heart failure and needs to adapt her life or risk losing it.

Elsewhere, Ash goes out of his way to avoid Gillian after her unexpected declaration of love. Armand questions whether history is repeating itself and if his friend is, once again, scared of committing to women. Ash downplays his past relationships with men but rejects Ash’s suggestion he tells Gillian the truth about his sexuality. Instead, he spins more lies by telling Gillian he loves her.

Meanwhile, loved-up teens Madonna and Dean go to great lengths to spend time together. However, their attempts to find somewhere private to be alone are thwarted at every turn, much to their frustration.

River City, BBC Scotland Channel Monday and Wednesday at 10 pm. Also on BBC One Scotland on Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm

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