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Kay has son issues in Doctors

Jane Gurnett appears as Kay, best known for roles in Casualty, Crossroads, Emmerdale and Dangerfield

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Kay has son issues in Doctors

This week in Letherbridge…


Jimmi discovers Al has called in sick and he’s worried. He tries Al but has no joy, so decides to visit him. When he gets there there’s no answer and Jimmi is increasingly concerned. Al eventually answers the  door and is annoyed by the house call.

Jimmi sees the state of the house and worries that Al is slipping back into a bad headspace, but Al reassures him he’s just having a sort-out. Al admits he’s feeling back after his first podcast went wrong. Jimmi convinces him to let him listen to it. Jimmi doesn’t know what the problem is until Al reveals that he can’t put it out because the subjects haven’t given their permission. He wants to wallow but Jimmi tries to cheer him up. Al eventually agrees to go to work as long as Jimmi stops trying to counsel him.

Rob is harried trying to get Liv to school on time when Ruhma calls. She offers to bring around some of Alia’s old clothes for Liv after school. Liv gets home and turns her nose up at them, much to Rob’s annoyance. He apologises to Ruhma who suggests that Rob try and do some cooking with Liv to bond with her. Rob thinks this is a great idea and invites Ruhma over. When Ruhma’s gone Rob tells Liv he wasn’t happy with how she treated Ruhma. Liv argues she doesn’t want to be seen as a charity case and Rob accepts this but Liv needs to be polite. He suggests the cooking and Liv is up for it. Rob also suggests they go shopping for clothes which perks Liv up.

Nina, Bear and Zara have a meeting. Zara reveals Emma is having to stay in Australia because Chris has complications from his accident. Zara says she has the perfect solution.


Rob and Liv get ready for their shopping trip. It’s clear Liv has big plans, while Rob wants it to be quick. He’s shocked by the prices where Liv wants to go and tries to get her to be frugal. Rob puts his foot in it when he suggests Liv is only buying stuff to impress boys and she takes him to task. Liv then winds Rob up in the store, later Rob can’t help but be amused by what Liv did at the shop and offers to get them a takeaway.

Kirsty is on a mission trying to get donations for the charity auction and gets increasingly frustrated. Sid is evasive, Jimmi claims not to have seen the email while Al is not interested in helping. Ruhma warns Zara that Kirsty is on one and Zara bluffs that she’ll bring something in after lunch, leaving Ruhma and Zara having to pull something out of the bag.

Zara meets Michelle Walton. She can’t stop for lunch but offers Michelle a job covering Emma. Back at The Mill, Ruhma gives Kirsty a stuffed bird, claiming it’s very expensive, while Zara offers a pair of designer shoes. Kirsty is grateful but secretly underwhelmed and sends a voice note guilt tripping the team into donating money. She also hassles Bear and Luca for their song choices.

Kirsty is thrilled when the donations start coming in, but is thrown when she reads a message from her ex, Rich.

Charlie Burrell is at his mum Kay Burrell’s house fixing her sink when Sarah Endicott visits and lets slip Kay’s plans to go to Italy, initially for six months but possibly permanently. Charlie is upset and gets pushy in insisting she can’t go. Kay accuses him of being controlling like his father.


Kirsty is determined to put Bear and Luca through their paces and arranges a singing rehearsal so she can her them duet. Things get off to a bad start when they can’t even agree on a song.

Scarlett is puzzled by Al’s behaviour at the Campus surgery – he has a fancy new microphone and is testing it out with Jimmi. Al reveals his latest idea, he’s starting a podcast about real-life medical mysteries! Scarlett isn’t impressed…

Student Tess visits fellow student Josie to collect an essay she has paid Josie to write for her. Josie is puzzled by Tess, as she’s a bright student and could write her own essays. She flirts with Tess and they start kissing. Meanwhile, Nina visits her lecturer friend Margot Quinn, who is struggling with the pressures of work and the recent break-up from her girlfriend.

Tess hands her essay into Margot, and goes to see Nina at The Mill. She tells Nina she wants to come off her anti-depressants as she’s happy and in love. Nina urges caution. Margot calls Tess in and confronts her about the essay – it’s clearly not her own work. Margot asks if Josie wrote it, but Tess lies. She warns Josie that Margot is on to her…


Gary Wallace turns up to his mum Linda Wallace’s house to take her to the doctor. He moans at her for not having the heating on and turns it up. Zara hurries Joe in the morning and says he can’t spend money on a computer game.

Scarlett has to placate a waiting John Roser, clearly in pain with his mouth. Gary arrives with Linda but Linda stumbles so Zara brings her through ahead of John. Gary tells Zara that Linda isn’t
looking after herself but Zara asks him to wait outside. Back in Reception John is more annoyed as Spencer Jenrick arrives for his appointment. Zara checks Linda over and tells her to be honest with Gary if she’s struggling. Linda opens up to Gary about maybe having to move house and Gary is delighted that Linda seems to realise she can’t cope. Zara sees John and identifies an abscess in his mouth. Zara can’t prescribe for dental issues so tells him to try the dental hospital much to his annoyance.

He returns home and can’t get an appointment any time soon, so John resorts to DIY dentistry.

Zara is surprised to see Spencer at The Mill and there’s a bit of a spark between them. They know each other from Daniel’s golf club. Spencer invites Zara to lunch and Zara discusses it with Michelle, who could see how attractive Spencer was and declines Zara’s offer to join them. Gary phones Linda and tells her he’s booked an estate agent to come round. She tries to talk to him about her money worries but Gary has already hung up. At The Icon, Spencer reveals he’s newly single and things hot up, but they’re interrupted by a call from Joe asking about money for his game. Zara turns him down and he says he’ll go to Daniel.

Zara returns to the bar and sees Spencer sharing a joke with a younger barmaid. Zara makes her excuses and leaves Spencer there.

Doctors, Monday to Thursday at 1.45 pm on BBC One and the iPlayer.

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