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The ‘most desirable’ telly neighbours

The Trotters of Only Fools and Horses, as regularly seen in reruns on UKTV's Gold channel


The ‘most desirable’ telly neighbours

Neighbours, everybody needs good Neighbours as the theme tune reminds us every week on Freevee…

A nationwide poll has revealed the onscreen families we’d most love to have living in the house next to us – with the charming and ever-popular Weasleys (19 percent) from Harry Potter taking the top spot.

The Trotters (14 percent) from Only Fools and Horses came second in the list, with The Royle Family’s, Royles (12 percent) coming in third and the real-life Kardashian-Jenners (11 percent) bagging fourth place. Other families Brits dream of nipping next door to borrow a cup of milk from, included the Barlows from Coronation Street, Modern Family’s quirky tribe, The Dunphys – and the Crawleys from Downton Abbey.

The Barlow’s of Coronation Street, Corrie airs Mon/Wed/Fri at 8pm on ITV1 and STV

One in twenty (5 percent) would even LOVE to live next door to the hedonistic Saltburn family, Lord and Lady Catton, as played by Richard E. Grant and Rosamunde Pike. The research, commissioned by Bluestone National Park Resort, also revealed as many as 97 per cent feel having good neighbours and a community around them is good for their mental health. One in five (20 percent) insisted they couldn’t live without their neighbours and 57 percent said having good neighbours gave them a sense of belonging.

In fact, over half (55 percent) feel that strong neighbourly relationships are key to happy communities, with almost half of respondents (47 percent) believing that having a strong community around them helps to build confidence. The research also revealed that across the nation, men (51 percent) rely on their community for confidence, more than women (44 percent).

The luxury family-friendly holiday destination, located in the heart of the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, is shining a light on the impact good neighbourhoods and strong communities can have on people’s happiness and wellbeing as part of its “Welcome to our Neighbourhood” campaign.

Claire Lewis, Head of Guest Experience at Bluestone:

“Creating a sense of community at our resort is a huge part of our offering to guests. We want to provide not just luxury accommodation, but a space for families and friends to create unforgettable memories together. From kayaking across our lake, exploring the beautiful natural surroundings of Pembrokeshire’s beaches, coast path and harbours, to recharging in the resort’s award-winning Well Spa, there really is something for everyone to enjoy.”

The Royle Family can be seen regularly on UKTV’s Gold

Surprisingly, Londoners were most likely to say they’re friends with their neighbours (73 percent), followed by those from Edinburgh (70 percent), Stoke-on-Trent (68 percent) and Plymouth (65 percent). The research also revealed over 60s are most likely (86 percent) to say hello to their neighbours with Gen Z the least likely (47 percent).

Despite the nation admitting the importance of community, four in ten (46 percent) don’t know the full names of their neighbours, and more than one in ten (13 percent) have no idea what the people who live next door to them are called.

One in twenty (four percent) admit they completely ignore their neighbours when they walk past each other, with a third (36 percent) insisting they’re GLAD their neighbour doesn’t speak to them, as they don’t want them to stop and chat. And for the fifth of Brits (19 percent) who haven’t spoken to their neighbours recently, it’s been over FOUR MONTHS since they uttered a word to each other. Yet almost one in twenty Britons (four percent) say they’ve NEVER spoken to their neighbours.

When it comes to what makes someone a good neighbour, the most important qualities were being trustworthy (71 percent), quiet (57 percent) and kind (53 percent).

Top Ten Most Desirable Telly Neighbours

  1. The Weasleys (Harry Potter)     19%
  2. The Trotters (Only Fools and Horses)    14%
  3. The Royles (The Royle Family)     12%
  4. The Kardashian-Jenners      11%
  5. The Barlows (Coronation Street)     10%
  6. The Dunphys (Modern Family)     9%
  7. The Crawleys (Downton Abbey)     9%
  8. The Byers (Stranger Things)     7%
  9. The Bridgertons (Bridgerton)     7%
  10. The Cattons (Saltburn)      5%

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