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Jonathan Ross welcomes more star names onto his sofa


Jonathan Ross welcomes more star names onto his sofa

Best on the Box choice for Saturday, March 9th…

On this week’s The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by legendary rock ‘n’ roll stars Liam Gallagher and John Squire, the record-breaking 6-time 2024 Brit Award winner RAYE who is chatting and performing at the end of the show, Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, the always hilarious Rob Beckett, and the teenage prodigy taking the darts world by storm Luke ‘The Nuke’ Littler.

First up, Liam Gallagher and John Squire join the sofa to chat to Jonathan about their brand new album, which is set for the top one spot in the official charts this week.

Revealing how they came to work together, Liam explains “Down Knebworth, John came down to play on one of the tunes at the end. So in the rehearsals leading up to it, I hadn’t seen him for ages, so I said ‘what have you been up to?’ and he said I’ve been writing some tunes.’ I said ‘Who’s singing them?’ and he went ‘well, you are.’ And I was gonna have a year off and that, you know what I mean? So it’s his fault.” 

Explaining why they wanted to work together, John said: “We know each other’s music knowledge inside out, I knew we’d always be on the same page.”  

Later, Jonathan asks Liam the age-old question- whether Oasis will be reuniting anytime soon as he’s heard rumours in the press that he and Noel are speaking again. Quick to clarify, Liam answers: “I haven’t spoken to him for about 10 years, 2009 I think” 

Also joining Jonathan on the sofa is record-breaking 6-time 2024 Brit Award winner RAYE, promoting her debut album My 21st Century Blues. On being recognised out in public, RAYE reveals she went to the dentist in Milton Keynes, “every single one of them said congratulations” before adding: “And then I went to a restaurant and they brought out a free tiramisu, and it said congratulations and had a sparkler!”

And that’s not all, as RAYE admits after her Brit win: “Do you know what, I got flowers from Sir Elton John, a big deal, he wrote me a card and everything. It said I can’t wait to tell you in person what your music means to me” 

Next up is Stranger Things star, Millie Bobby Brown who joins Jonathan to talk about her brand new film on Netflix, Damsel. On her idyllic country life living in a farm in Georgia, Millie reveals she has 9 personal dogs, 23 foster dogs, 4 cats, 2 donkeys, 2 sheep, 2 cows, 3 goats and 1 pony. Speaking about her sheep called Norman, she explains: “Actually, I raised him in my bed. He was a few days old, and I bottle-fed him until he was full grown.” Adding: “He wore a nappy and then I had to buy nappies and people thought I was pregnant!” 

Rob Beckett, joins Jonathan for a chat about his brand new tour, Giraffe, as well as his brand new show Rob Beckett’s Smart TV on Sky. Revealing he’s a fan of Liam Gallagher and John Squires and saw them at Knebworth, he reveals “It’s very exciting for me to be sat on this sofa, with your music, when you’re a working-class kid hearing these songs, it’s magical, it makes you go off and think you can do things” He adds: “it’s really inspiring and to see it live was a magical moment.” 

And the sofa reunions don’t end there, as Jonathan reveals that Millie and Rob have also been on the yellow sofa together around 10 years ago. As a photo is shown of the moment, featuring a younger Rob and a 12-year-old Millie, Rob jokes: “It looked like someone tried to make Niall Horan in a lab.”

Lastly, it’s 17 year old world-champion Luke ‘the Nuke’ Littler joining Jonathan for his first-ever talk show.  Shocking the audience when asked about honing his craft, he reveals: “I don’t really practise” and that to stay at world champion level, he does “None”. In his spare time, Luke reveals: “I’m just a young 17-year-old that plays Xbox with his friends, that’s it.” 

On his first time playing darts, he explains: “I think I was about 18 months in a nappy with a magnetic board”. Retelling the story of the fateful day he got his first ever darts board, he adds: “I don’t remember it, but my dad said we were in the pound shop, and I was in the trolley and I just picked a magnetic dart board out, and I still think to this day… imagine if I hadn’t picked up that dart board.” 

The Jonathan Ross Show, tonight at 9.35 pm on ITV1, STV, STV Player and ITVX

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