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Lorraine Kelly oversees gay wedding on ITV


Lorraine Kelly oversees gay wedding on ITV

“In front of your loved ones, and of course the whole country, I pronounce you husband and husband”…

Today, Lorraine Kelly conducted ‘Lorraine’s Gay Wedding’ for fans of the show Gavin and Luke, as they got married on the programme and joined her to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the first same-sex marriages in the UK.

Speaking ahead of the ceremony, Luke said: “My palms are sweating now. It’s all becoming very, very real.” Tyler West also spoke to the happy couple’s friends and family, as Gavin’s sister told him: “I’m very excited for them both, can’t wait. It’s very special to be able to celebrate with them both.” 

Luke’s mum Ann, said: “I’m feeling well over the moon because this is my last baby, I’m not having anymore! And he’s finally made me happy by getting married but you know what? The best thing is Gav.”

Lorraine’s Gay Wedding

Speaking about her future son-in-law, she said: “Gav is, he’s just another son. That’s all I can say to you and I’m so happy. At this moment in my life, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened. I just can’t tell you, I’ve been so excited but at the same time, trying to hold back because I want to be strong for them you know. I want to be there, I want to be their backbone basically.” 

Trained celebrant Aled Jones, also told Lorraine that being a celebrant is “the most joyful thing you can do” as he shared his advice with her, live from his Classic FM studio. After being helped by stylist Mark Heyes to pick out their suits for the big day, Lorraine told viewers: “Without further ado, let’s welcome our grooms Luke and Gavin!” as they entered the studio on the arms of their mothers.”

An emotional Gavin shared his vows first, followed by Luke, before the couple exchanged rings and promised ‘to love each other today, always and forever’. Sparkling in a rainbow-striped sequin dress, Lorraine told them: “It’s gorgeous, thank you both. Now, in front of your loved ones and of course the whole country, I pronounce you husband and husband. You can now kiss the groom both of you!”

Lorraine’s Gay Wedding

Adding: “It’s lovely, so lovely. How are you both feeling? I think I can tell by both of your smiles. Of course, very emotional. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your day with us, it’s been so lovely, so gorgeous and for everyone to be here as well on this really special occasion.” 

Mark added: “Genuinely two of the most lovely fellas I’ve ever met and it’s been an absolute joy spending the last couple of days with you. Thank you for doing this as well, it’s been amazing.” 

Having got engaged at an Anastasia concert, the hitmaker shared a special message of congratulations and Lorraine revealed that TUI are treating Gavin and Luke to a romantic honeymoon in Santorini. Before heading off to celebrate, Gavin said “It’s been amazing”. Responding to if they now feel different being married, Luke told Lorraine: “Totally different!” 

Alfie Boe also returned to the studio to perform a special rendition of Foreigner’s ‘I Wanna Know What Love Is’ for the newlyweds.

To watch show in full visit Lorraine, Weekdays from 9 am on ITV1 and STV

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