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Glasgow residents most likely to be caught off guard by flash floods



Glasgow residents most likely to be caught off guard by flash floods

New research reveals that residents in Glasgow are the most unprepared for floods…

Belfast and East Kilbride residents are the second and third least flood-safe citizens in the UK, however, residents living in Glasgow are worryingly the most unconcerned about flooding in the UK – leaving their homes at risk from flood damage.

The research conducted by insurance experts Howden Insurance analysed nationwide monthly Google keyword volumes for flood-related terms to determine which cities are the most concerned about flooding and the recent increased rainfall. The study examined the number of searches on 16 flood-related terms across 12 months. With February being confirmed as the wettest on record, more residents than ever are starting to worry about flooding and the damage it can cause to property.

On average residents in the UK search for flood-related terms 179 times a month per 100,000 residents.

New research has revealed that Glasgow residents are the least concerned about flooding across the UK; in the city, residents have been found to search for flood-related terms just 49 times a month per 100,000 residents. The most searched term in Glasgow was revealed to be “flooding” with “flood warning” being the second most searched term.

Belfast has been revealed as the second least flood-ready city in the UK, the data shows that on average each month residents search 54 times a month per 100,000 residents for flooding terms. Residents in Belfast were found to search for the term “flooding” the most often.

The third city that is least concerned about flooding was revealed as East Kilbride residents were revealed to search 62 times a month on average per 100,000 residents for flood-related terms in the city. The last major flood to hit East Kilbride was in August 2021 which might be why those in East Kilbride are less concerned about the impact of floods than other parts of the UK.

The fourth and fifth cities least concerned about flooding were revealed as Newtownabbey and Hamilton. In Newtownabbey, residents searched for flood-related terms on average 62 times per 100,000 monthly. However, residents living in Hamilton were revealed to search 63 times a month per 100,000 residents.

August 2021, the Clyde Shopping Centre at Clydebank, near Glasgow, floods in a rainstorm

The top ten cities most worried about flooding

The study has found that residents of Loughborough are the most likely to Google information and tips on flooding. It was discovered on average, every month there are 661 searches per 100,000 residents related to flooding in Loughborough. It was revealed that the top flood-related term searched by residents was ‘flood warning’. With the chaos brought on by the floods in January, it is unsurprising that residents are worried about future flooding.

Lincoln residents were revealed as the second most concerned about flooding. In Lincoln, there are 509 monthly searches related to flooding and flood warnings per 100,000 residents. The most searched term in Lincoln was ‘flood warning’. Those living in Lincoln are more likely to experience flooding as many parts of the city are below sea level, putting many homes at risk of flooding even during dryer months.

The third most flood-concerned citizens were revealed to be those living in Derby. The study shows that those residing in Derby are searching for flood-related terms 506 times a month on average per 100,000 residents. Residents in Derby survived a lot of flooding during 2023, with residents searching for the term ‘flood warning’ the most, however, the second most searched flood-related term was ‘flooding near me,’

The River Trent is known for swelling its banks and causing flood damage to the homes and surrounding area in Burton Upon Trent. The study revealed that Burton Upon Trent was revealed as the fourth most worried about flooding in the UK. Those living in Burton Upon Trent have been revealed to search on average 501 times a month per 100,000  residents for flood-related terms on Google.

The data showed that Worchester is the fifth most flood-concerned city, searching on average 455 times per 100,000 residents every month. Worchester was a victim of major floods during January 2024, and, as it is located on the River Severn, residents are sure to be fearful of flash floods and heavy rains.

A spokesperson for Howden Insurance:

“With many UK residents feeling the increased rainfall in February, some will be looking for the best way to protect their homes, such as adding flood barriers to doorways or using air brick covers to prevent water entering the home through ventilation. Those living in Glasgow would appear to be least concerned about flooding, however it is always advisable wherever you live in the UK, to know about the flood risks in your local area.

“Residents in Loughborough have already experienced many devastating floods so it is natural that they would be searching for ways to improve the flood defences on their homes the most.”

For information on UK flooding, this government website has useful details.

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