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On this Day 1978: Belgrave Terrace Handsworth

Belgrave Terrace in Handsworth, main picture in 1978, inset in 2020

On this Day

On this Day 1978: Belgrave Terrace Handsworth

OTD, March 29th, 1978…

Tony Maycock explained that the council intended to demolish the dilapidated side of the street, although there appears to be no plans on what will replace the terraced row. Tony then goes on to interview residents from both sides of Belgrave Belgrave Terrace in Handsworth. Those whose houses are being demolished are happy because of the poor conditions that they have been living in while most of those from the ‘posh’ side are unhappy because they want to move out.

Ultimately new houses were built in recent times at the bottom of Belgrave Terrace, however, the majority of the area is now a wasteland with flytipping plentiful. The once ‘posh’ side of the street is now, in 2024, itself a hovel.

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