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This week in Summer Bay, Erinsborough and Shieldinch

Home and Away, episode 8199 Kirby and Theo perform at Moonlight at Salt

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This week in Summer Bay, Erinsborough and Shieldinch

The latest goings on in Home and Away, Neighbours and River City…


Home and Away episode 8199; Kirby and Theo perform at Moonlight at Salt

Eden feels deeply conflicted about the victim impact statements. She opens up to Remi, Cash and Felicity, worried that the two brothers responsible for the kidnapping will end up with equal punishment. Because of this, Eden wants to help Mickey get a lighter sentence. However, Remi is enraged – to him, there’s no excuses for what they did, and they deserve to pay for putting him and Eden through hell.

Mackenzie and Levi get to know each other a little better in the hotel room. However, they’re interrupted by the sudden arrival of Eden. Panicking, Mackenzie quickly hides in the bathroom, inadvertently eavesdropping on the siblings’ conversation. Mackenzie emerges from the bathroom as soon as Eden leaves, and Levi is surprisingly worked up.

Roo tells John that she’s using surf club money to pay Cash for the investigation into the anonymous donor. John is not happy about this, huffing that she’s “using money to find out where free money is coming from”. He demands that Roo calls off the investigation, but she adamantly refuses.

Eden and Remi continue to clash over the victim impact statements. Remi’s so stressed out that he suffers a flashback to the moment of his accident. However, Eden stands her ground, insisting that she wants to help Mickey. Seeing the conflict going nowhere, Cash intervenes and comes to Eden’s support. He tells Remi that ultimately, it’s her story and she has just as much right to tell her story as he does.

Leah is relieved to finally return home, but struggles to adjust to living with Justin again. She’s still afraid of hurting him and refuses to sleep in the same bed. Leah confides in Valerie, who offers to move in with Leah until she’s settled – she’ll be her emotional support. Excited at the prospect, Leah tells Justin – who seems unsure… Justin and Valerie take on a walk at the beach to try to get to know her better – after all, he wants to know who he’s living with. However, he accidentally triggers Valerie when he asks her how she ended up in the clinic.

Tane walks in on Mali and Mackenzie’s argument, and Mackenzie finally tells him about the affair with Levi. Tane decides to confront Mackenzie, asking her if a guy like Levi who cheats on his wife is someone she really wants to be with. Enraged and hurt, Mackenzie walks out. Elsewhere Rose fronts up at the Surf Club, ready for a romantic walk with Mali, but a client has rebooked a surf lesson last minute and Mali has to bail. Wanting to make it up to his girlfriend, Mali texts Rose about a romantic surprise, but is shocked when she turns up in uniform…

Moonlight at Salt is in full swing, and the turnout is excellent. Xander and Harper make for a stunning couple – and people immediately notice the unexpected pairing, especially Rose. Xander is a perfect gentleman and walks Harper home, where Dana can’t help but eavesdrop on the conversation – they both agree that they had a wonderful time.

Home and Away airs 1:45pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR. First-look screenings air at 6:30pm on 5STAR and the series also streams on My5. 


Neighbours episode 113; James Beaufort as Felix Rodwell

Felix’s attempts to fix things with Holly backfire after he spills coffee on her brand-new book, effectively making things even more tense between them. He’s not feeling particularly confident then when a stressed Remi asks for his help getting a sullen JJ back on the right track. However, Felix’s efforts work –JJ’s behaviour improves, and Felix is surprised to find himself enjoying the parental role.

Felix returns to Holly with a second-hand replacement of the book he ruined – and a genuine apology for not telling her about Jools. Holly is pleased, and it seems their friendship is back on track. Except Felix has accidentally left his hand-written robbery plans tucked into the book…

Andrew and Wendy are at odds over Sadie’s new relationship with Byron. Andrew disapproves, while Wendy is more focused on regaining membership into her daughter’s inner circle. However, Wendy’s attempts to prove that she’s a ‘cool mum’ backfire when Sadie calls her out for being just as intrusive as her father. Rocked by the truth bomb, Wendy tells Andrew that they need to take a step back. Unbeknownst to her, Andrew only levels up his interference when he slaps an unroadworthy sticker on Byron’s car.

Aaron is rocked after his phone conversation with ‘David’. Concerned, Nicolette and Mackenzie attempt to rationalise the experience as a grief response but Aaron is hurt by their disbelief and insists the two-way conversation wasn’t a hallucination or dream.

Jane is oblivious to the quickly circulating saucy video she seemingly has made to capture some romance in her long-distance romance with Mike. The leaked footage sees students imitate her peeling a banana and leaving bananas on her desk. When Jane is shown the video she is appalled that her daughter believes the video is real. As they connect the dots, it dawns on Jane, Aaron, Mackenzie and Nicolette that both the video and the ‘David’ phone call are deep fakes.

Despite losing his mud map, Felix cements final plans with Slade for the robbery. Unable to deny that Felix’s involvement has put JJ back on the right path, Cara and Remi consider softening their stance on spending time with Felix.

Things are still tense between Karl and Melanie after their conversation. When Melanie discovers a newspaper with vacant apartments circled, she becomes convinced Karl wants to kick her out. Krista advises Melanie to combat this by being the perfect housemate. Melanie launches a spring clean offensive, which comically makes things worse. She admits to Karl about her fears and Karl reveals that the newspaper belongs to someone else.

Paul pushes Chelsea to get to the bottom of what happened with the sauna. Chelsea delays and stalls, arranging for Cara to fix it but explaining that Penny, the main suspect, is overseas. Later Paul, Leo and Krista discuss plans for the memorial, and Chelsea is left feeling on the outer. She’s even more ostracised when Terese returns home and Paul hears about her Eirini Rising woes. To help her out, he calls on a WorkSafe contact to expedite a site inspection to enable construction to resume. Paul is animated to be back in Terese’s orbit and Chelsea isn’t happy.

Neighbours streaming from 7.30am, Monday to Thursday, on Freevee UK


Doctors is off air for the next two weeks for an Easter break.

Doctors returns on Monday, April 15th at 1.45 pm on BBC One and the iPlayer.


River City; Tyler Foulkes played by Cameron Fulton and Rian Gordon as Conor Brodie

Tyler and Conor are tasked with finding out who the shifty figure is asking about Lenny locally. They rule out various people on Montego Street until someone catches Tyler’s eye. Desperate to get rid of Conor, Tyler makes his excuses and leaves before confronting the man. However, unbeknown to him, Conor is watching on, taking pictures of the exchange.

The identity of the man is revealed to be Eddie, a face from Tyler’s past. Eddie’s in town after becoming an outcast in the Foulkes criminal family and needs Tyler’s help with a new start. Afterall, he owes him.

Elsewhere, after telling Kim he loves her, Bob decides to downplay his emotions – fearing rejection. As the couple talk at the Oyster Café, Bob is concerned about Kim, noting that she doesn’t look well. Admitting she is having more bad days than good, Kim reveals she’s been looking into alternative therapies. Despite his reservations, Bob agrees that anything is worth a try if it means saving Kim’s life.

Gillian is stunned to hear that Mikey has rekindled his relationship with Jonathon. Despite her misgivings, Gillian tells Mikey she’s happy if he’s happy. With Gillian’s words ringing in his ears, Mikey meets up with Jonathon and finally plucks up the courage to push back on his controlling behaviour, starting with the wedding plans.

Over breakfast, Roisin and Tommy discuss the results of her recent DNA test. Delighting in the details of her heritage, Roisin encourages Tommy to do the same. Having grown up in care, Tommy says he’s content not knowing his family background, hesitant about digging into the past.

Gillian echoes Roisin’s sentiment that learning where he came from might help him understand a little more about who he is. However, his optimism stalls when he comes face-to-face with Eddie – it’s clear they have history together. While Eddie desperately tries to reminisce about the past, Tommy is hesitant about walking down memory lane. As the truth surfaces, Tommy’s guilt takes hold.

Elsewhere, sibling rivalry rears its ugly head as Sam and Seb vie to prove who is the lyrical supremo of the Spiller brothers. Tasked with writing a folk song for a local community project, Sam and Seb turn to Caitlin to judge which one of them is the musical maestro. A red-faced Amber arrives at Montego Motors after an accident in her dad’s car. Desperate to save face, Amber urges them to fix it before Lenny finds out – little realising he’s listening in.

River City, BBC Scotland Channel Monday and Wednesday at 10 pm. Also on BBC One Scotland on Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm

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