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This week in Summer Bay, Erinsborough, Letherbridge and Shieldinch

Frazer Hines best known for Doctor Who and Emmerdale plays Sonny Troughton this week in Doctors

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This week in Summer Bay, Erinsborough, Letherbridge and Shieldinch

The latest goings on in Home and Away, Neighbours, Doctors and River City…


Home and Away, episode 8210 Levi tells Mackenzie he can’t lose her – but she doesn’t want him to end his marriage for her

Kirby runs into Theo and Valerie on the beach with great news – they’ve landed a couple of interviews following their duo gig. Kirby’s concerned Theo won’t be up to it, he’s obviously been partying… But Valerie vouches for him. When they return home, though, she immediately grills him – he doesn’t need Kirby to supervise him during interviews. Theo agrees to stand up for himself, and soon assures Kirby he’ll manage the interview on his own – she should trust him, and not make assumptions. Kirby agrees but decides to inform Justin that Valerie is a bad influence. He admits he had reservations, but she’s been such a support to Leah. And to Theo.

Eden turns up on Levi’s doorstep unannounced. He’s stunned to answer the door to his sister and quickly briefs her before making the introductions. He told his wife, Imogen, that he’d caught up with Eden in the Bay recently, but he was there tending to his patient, Mackenzie. Eden agrees to go along with the lie, unaware Levi is covering his affair.

Justin and Leah are basking in each other’s love, excited to be united and on track to the altar once more. But when he immediately throws himself into wedding planning, she asks that they slow down. In fact, could they not tell anyone their plans for a few days? She promises she’s not having second thoughts, and he reluctantly agrees, but can barely contain himself when they see Irene later.

Bree is in shock – she can’t believe she’s been offered Doctors Without Borders. In fact, she’d forgotten she applied. Remi is quick to encourage her to go – he’ll be right here when she gets back. Bree doesn’t seem so sure, and when they talk later, she tells him she’s not going. So much has changed since she applied.

Irene senses that Dana’s getting no joy from her secret crush, and Dana relents and asks for advice – she’s finding it impossible to be around this ‘friend’ while her feelings for them are growing. Irene gives it to her straight – either be a friend to this person or take a chance on a relationship. The thing you can’t do is ghost them because then you’ll miss out on both. Later, Irene brags to Harper – she’s figured it out, Xander’s the one that Dana has a crush on! She instantly knows she’s put her foot in her mouth when it’s clear that Harper has no idea what she’s talking about…

Cash is hating his new career in security – he couldn’t be more bored, he tells Felicity. He takes her advice and calls the agency to ask for more challenging work, but when there’s nothing available, he quits. He’s barely started searching for jobs when Alf pops by to thank him for trying to throw Roo and John off the scent – Alf is the Club’s anonymous donor!

Tane is walking along the beach when he hears a sound coming from the dunes – is that crying? When he investigates, he’s stunned to find an abandoned gym bag, with a young baby inside it. He rushes into the Surf Club with the infant on his arm – can somebody help him? Tane decides to follow the ambos to the hospital, and even when the baby girl gets a clean bill of health, he won’t leave her side. Is he growing attached to the unclaimed child?

When Kirby sees Theo coming out of the surf the next morning, she’s horrified. And she tells him so – surfing when you’re wasted is dangerous. What was he thinking? And does he remember the interview he has booked for this afternoon. Theo looks to Valerie – he had forgotten. Later, he tells her he’s pushing on with the interview regardless, and Kirby issues a warning to Valerie – whatever she’s been giving him, stop it. And Valerie’s defiant – or what?

Home and Away airs 1:45pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR. First-look screenings air at 6:30pm on 5STAR and the series also streams on My5. 


Is Karl the cyclist taking a sh*t in the bushes?

A worried Chelsea can feel Paul drifting away from her as his family moves back into the penthouse and she is forced to move into a hotel room. Chelsea’s day only gets worse when Krista returns to work sooner than she anticipated – and the IT software technician Jeffrey drops in for a visit.

Worried Krista will pry damning information out of him she whisks him away, only to discover romance with Jeffrey has become serious for him he’s taken far too much from their quid-pro-quo hookup the other day and is now falling for her – hard. She tries to keep stringing him along, but when he grows wary of her things start to fall apart quickly and she’s unsure how long she can keep Jeffrey onside. With Krista continuing to obsess about the fault report and wanting to follow up with him, Chelsea is forced to take drastic steps.

Terese has a lot on her plate as the opening of Eirini Rising draws ever closer. Paul offers to help in her hunt for an OperaOons Manager, but Terese politely turns him down, confident she’s on top of it. Terese thinks she’s found the perfect fit in the engaging Miles, but Paul does some digging and uncovers some serious red flags. Realising Paul has a skill in this area, she agrees to let him help as her search continues. A curious Jane questions the excessively generous level of Paul’s assistance and the close relationship between the pair, and though Terese continues to assure Jane the two of them are just friends, Jane feels that Terese may be kidding herself…

Mackenzie is surprised by Haz’s slow progress in tracking down the deep fake hacker. She suggests she helps but Haz is keen to protect her from involvement; he’s seen what they did to ‘Zach’. Although Haz catches himself before revealing too much, Mackenzie plays sleuth and manages to unearth Haz’s full name ‘Zach Wade’. Mackenzie arranges a meeting with Zach to hear more about Haz’s past and potentially gather clues to help them identify the hackers. But Zach reveals more than Mackenzie bargained for – including that the hackers created a compromising deep fake video of his wife and uploaded it.

Although Zach is now rebuilding his life, Mackenzie is troubled by the cruelty of what she hears. Later, when Haz drops by with a gift and apology, Mackenzie reveals she knows the unforgivable things he did to Zach and his wife and is not sure she can still be with him knowing what he’s capable of.

On a phone call, Karl covers his disappointment that Susan is in no hurry to return to Erinsborough, and to him. Holly and Melanie attempt to cheer him up by asking him to play his guitar, but Karl soon realises they are only humouring him. Later, Karl gets a much-needed morale boost when Terese organises a gathering to unveil the Eirini Rising billboard, introducing the world to Doctor Karl.

As Byron and Sadie revel in coupledom, Nicolette decides to have some fun with them, inviting Sadie to lunch. Wanting Nicolette’s tick of approval, Sadie agrees. Nicolette enjoys herself firing probing personal questions at them, unsettling Sadie, until Sadie decides to ask if Nicolette has dated anyone since Kiri…Air taken out of her sails, Nicolette suddenly becomes wistful and hopes Byron doesn’t mess up the good thing he has going, the way she messed up her own love life.

Melanie and Karl head out for another bike ride as part of Karl’s health regimen. Partway through, Karlslows to a stop and convinces Melanie to ride on. Unsure of the route, Melanie backtracks and is puzzled to find Karl emerging from a residential driveway looking caught out. Although Karl claims he was washing chain grease off his hands, Melanie is left unconvinced. Later, Wendy shares the gossip of a neighbourhood pooper on the loose.

Seeing a map of the offender’s leavings, Melanie notes the uncanny congruity between her and Karl’s cycling route. With creeping dread, she privately recalls the incident of Karl being caught short, before quickly deciding that Karl couldn’t possibly be the poo-cycler… could he? But the seed is planted and fertilized.

Neighbours streaming from 7.30am, Monday to Thursday, on Freevee UK


Soap worlds meet, Kate Robbins (Crossroads) and Frazer Hines (Emmerdale) appear in Doctors this coming week as Barbara Hill and Sonny Troughton.

Doctors returns after it’s Easter break and Rob and Liv bond, Michelle tries to help Zara, and Suni has had enough of Nina. Ruhma tries to help a pregnant sex worker who is struggling with a diagnosis.

Zara is delaying an awkward conversation, Jimmi and Al console Suni, and Rob has news for Liv. Paige is faced with the day from hell. Kirsty is not impressed with Paige, Nina panics about Suni’s decision, but Michelle helps Suni see the bright side. Luca helps a daughter caring for her mother, but something about her isn’t quite right.

Sid and Paige go on a date, while Nina has a big announcement. Jimmi helps an old patient who has just been arrested.

Doctors, Monday to Thursday at 1.45 pm on BBC One and the iPlayer.


River City, the Stag and Hen parties get underway

As the grooms and bride prepare for their big double wedding, the Stag and Hen parties get underway. Mikey is far-from-enthusiastic about the stag party which has been planned by Mulvaney’s best man, Lenny. Worse still, Mikey’s mortified by Jonathon’s hard man act in front of the others and the party sours when a fight breaks out between Tyler and Conor.

Meanwhile, at Bernie’s Belles Hen Night, spirits are high. As Bernie and Gillian chat about Mikey’s forthcoming marriage, it’s clear they both have reservations about Jonathon. However, while Bernie is at peace with Mikey’s choice, Gillian’s concerns are stirred up.

Later, the grooms-to-be join the Hen Party but Mikey and Gillian clash when she’s caught red-handed snooping through Jonathon’s belongings. Frustrated by his best friend’s duplicity, Mikey makes a startling decision.

Elsewhere, Bernie is frustrated by Mulvaney’s blind loyalty to Lenny. When he downplays the nature of his work, Bernie seethes at his continued lies. Feeling like she’s an afterthought in Mulvaney’s life, she tells her fiancé to get his priorities right. Ash confesses to Armand that he feels the time has come to be honest about his sexuality. He reveals his doubts about his love for Gillian and Armand urges him to tell her the truth – sooner rather than later.

Confiding in Scarlett, Bob admits he doesn’t know where he stands with Kim. Although he knows he wants to take things further with her, he’s afraid of being rejected again.

After some gentle encouragement from Scarlett, Bob once again declares his love for Kim but is devastated when she reveals she doesn’t feel the same. Heartbroken, Bob talks to Scarlett who promises she won’t interfere but he’s not convinced – and with just cause.

Later, Scarlett accuses Kim of leading Bob on which provokes a surprising confession. Elsewhere, in light of her recent divorce, Shaw turns to Karen for emotional support. When Shaw reveals her latest living arrangement woes, Karen suggests she moves in with her. However, Alex is infuriated by the news and tells Karen she’ll need to leave his flat and take her new flatmate with her.

A nervous Sonny talks to Sam about his impending date with Maggie. To Sam’s surprise, he reveals he’s bought her expensive jewellery and plans to whisk her away on a romantic holiday. Sam urges caution, suggesting he needn’t go over-the-top. Meanwhile, an apprehensive Maggie tells Caitlin she wants to let Sonny down gently but she tells her mum she needs to be more direct with him, so there’s no room for doubt.

River City, BBC Scotland Channel Monday and Wednesday at 10 pm. Also on BBC One Scotland on Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm

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