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TV Weekly: Alex Polizzi goes glamping while Jess Glynne has a session with ITV

TV Weekly

TV Weekly: Alex Polizzi goes glamping while Jess Glynne has a session with ITV

Telly picks for the coming week…

The Hotel Inspector

Alex Polizzi visits East Sussex for her very first glamping trip as she comes to the rescue of Anna and Nick and their Shepherds Huts business, which includes camping pitches and an 80-seater cafe. Nick and Anna built their alternative camping business 15 years ago after their marquee company went bust, needing to forge another living for their young family.

After over 15 years of hard graft the once successful site has terrible occupancy rates and is hurtling towards huge losses, while the family work themselves into the ground with a one-way ticket to burnout.

Set in stunning ancient woodland, the huts are hand crafted by Nick using almost all surplus reclaimed and recyclable materials. The Hotel Inspector sees huge potential in this eco-friendly space, with the huts themselves being the route to profit. Alex calls in experts and sets to work formulating a plan that will bring the business back to life and make time for Anna and Nick to spend with their family.

The couple have put everything into this venture which could now be facing closure. Has Alex arrived in time to turn their fortunes around? And what plans will she have for a business that is certainly outside of her comfort zone?

Channel 5, 9pm Thursday May 2nd

Miriam: The Death of a Reality Star

A story told over three episodes.

In the summer of 2003, six male contestants applied to be part of a new Sky One dating series promising the sexual adventure of a lifetime. What they didn’t know was that the star of the series – a model called Miriam Rivera – was a transgender woman.

There’s Something About Miriam would become one of the most controversial reality shows of the last 20 years. Miriam had come to the UK from the colourful New York ballroom scene, and she immediately wowed the crew and contestants with her beauty and confidence. Episode one asks was the world ready for a star like Miriam?

In the second edition, Miriam’s Mexican family tell the story of her troubled childhood before she transitioned. We meet her father, who carried out an exorcism on Miriam, forcing her to run away to America in search of a better life. As There’s Something About Miriam reaches its controversial climax on TV, the crew get increasingly nervous about their part in a deceit. When Miriam reveals her secret to the contestants, all hell breaks loose, and the boys begin to plot their revenge against the show. For Miriam, it’s a public unmasking in the face of the attitudes of the early noughties.

In the third and final episode Miriam, contestants and crew are forced to reckon with the fallout. The contestants bring legal action and settle out of court, creating a tabloid sensation that publicly ridicules Miriam.

“These guys were duped in more ways than one – while Miriam has a few unexpected bits in her package, she’s notably deficient in others. It has become clear Miriam requires a personality implant. It must’ve been a challenge to find a transsexual pretty enough, mean enough and sufficiently attention-seeking to play this tawdry game, but what these producers found in Miriam is a sultry-looking dill prone to the cheesiest of clichés.” – The Age review of the Sky series

Media work quickly dries up for her, forcing a to return to America, where she starts mixing and working in darker, more dangerous spheres. Years later, Miriam is found dead in her mother’s apartment in Mexico – an apparent suicide, but where some suspect foul play. But she leaves behind a powerful story – a man who wanted to be a woman who risked everything in search of a dream.

Channel 4, 9pm, Monday 29th, Tuesday 30th April and 10pm Wednesday May 1st

A Man In Full

Introducing David E. Kelley’s latest emotionally gripping drama series: A Man in Full. The man who brought you the seaside malaise of Big Little Lies, the courtroom impropriety of Anatomy of a Scandal, and the hotness that is Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as The Lincoln Lawyer has adapted A Man in Full into a limited series, starring Jeff Daniels, Tom Pelphrey, Lucy Liu, and Diane Lane.

A Man in Full is based on The New York Times bestselling novel by the late Tom Wolfe. When Atlanta real estate mogul Charlie Croker (Daniels) faces sudden bankruptcy, political and business interests collide as he defends his empire from those attempting to capitalize on his fall from grace.

Netflix, from 8am, Thursday May 2nd


Brett’s working out, but Claire needs to have a serious conversation with him about their relationship. It’s the day of Dan and Courtney’s baby shower and Courtney is still coming to terms with the fact Dan now won’t be there all the time when their baby is born, despite insisting she is fine with it.

Claire reveals to Dan that she broke up with Brett, and Dan instantly texts Courtney the news, much to Claire’s annoyance. Courtney tells Jonathan and he’s thrilled.

At Megan’s house, Jonathan musters up the courage to end their romance… but the death of Megan’s cat that morning foils his plan – a perfect excuse to avoid an awkward conversation for Jonathan. Megan invites herself to the baby shower as she doesn’t want to be alone, which leads to Jonathan panicking about Claire and Megan being in the same room.

With the baby shower in full swing Dan and Courtney’s friends discuss the lows of parenthood, Jonathan tries to bring the vibe up by saying how amazing it was being a parent with Claire, but not enough to impress Courtney who finds it all too overwhelming and storms out. In the front garden, Spencer and Sam finish up a picnic and Spencer has some exciting news for his dad.

Jonathan finally plucks up the courage to tell Megan it’s over, but things don’t quite go to plan.

BBC One, 9pm, Friday May 3rd

ITV Studio Sessions – Jess Glynne

Clara Amfo presents this brand new music series showcasing music’s brightest talents and future stars.

Filmed at the O2 Blueroom which resides inside the UK’s most iconic music venue, The O2, each episode features one artist and tonight she meets one of the UK’s biggest chart toppers Jess Glynne who remains the first and only British female artist to achieve 7 UK Number 1’s. Jess will perform new music, a greatest hit and a track she wishes she’d recorded herself. Clara also chats to Jess about her career, new music, navigating success and life in the spotlight.

ITV Studio Sessions aims to champion top talent and exciting emerging artists from the UK. The six-part series will deliver an immersive, one of a kind 30’ minutes with each episode giving fans in the audience and watching at home an intimate experience.

The show will platform some of the most talented UK musicians as well as championing new singers . Others appearing across the series include Becky Hill, Cat Burns, Tom Walker, YUNGBLUD and BRIT award rising star winner Sekou, as they perform new music, old favourites and one-of-a-kind covers allowing audiences to enjoy the artists in a whole new light.

ITV1 and STV, 10.45pm Friday May 3rd

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