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Pick of the Plots: Monday 6th May

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Monday 6th May

Pick of the Plots: Monday 6th May

Your Pick of the Plots for Monday, May 6.

Patrick becomes increasingly worried about Yolande as Sonia lets slip that she missed a medical appointment.

Denise is concerned when Yolande fails to show up at the food van launch and suggests to Patrick that Pastor Clayton might be able to help. Patrick takes her advice and confides in Pastor Clayton, who implies that Yolande could be unwell.

Later, Patrick tells Yolande about Pastor Clayton’s ‘concerns’ leaving her furious.

Meanwhile, Honey tries to persuade Billy to give Stevie a chance, but he refuses. Stevie bumps into Lexi, Will and Janet and tries to get to know them all better over lunch. When Billy hears about the lunch, he storms over to The Vic to warn Stevie off but Honey insists the kids have a right to get to know their granddad.

Elsewhere, George is devastated when the girls break the news that Eddie held Gloria’s funeral without telling him. Struggling, George contacts Rufus to arrange a fight. Gina and Anna come up with the idea of holding a memorial for Gloria in The Vic to help George grieve. Anna leaves a message for their half-brother Junior to join them.

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Liam and Joseph settle down to watch a film. When Joseph asks Liam if things have improved at school, Liam struggles to breathe and reaches for his inhaler. Joseph urges him to tell Maria about his panic attacks but Liam refuses as he doesn’t want to worry her.

While Joseph keeps lookout, Liam rummages in the cupboards for sweets. He’s intrigued to find Paul’s stash of Benzo pills and puts them in his pocket. In The Rovers, Gary watches Sarah with concern as she knocks back the wine. When he spots her heading home with another bottle, he goes over. Liam returns home to find Gary not back. Feeling a panic attack coming on, he takes out Paul’s Benzo pills.

Later, Billy discovers the missing pills. When Joseph reveals that Liam was looking for sweets, Billy panics. Alone in the flat, Liam lies unconscious, with the pill bottle next to him.

Meanwhile, Roy is gutted when Dee-Dee tells him the police have had no luck tracing Lauren’s necklace and mystery boyfriend so they’re back to square one. Daniel tells Ken that he’s arranged to meet Nicky because, as an ex-sex worker, she may have news regarding Lauren. Ken warns him to be careful.

Elsewhere, Bernie finds Denny with Paul’s wheelchair. Denny makes out he’s taking it for a service but Bernie doesn’t believe him and threatens to call the police.

Also, Alya spells out to Adam that their kiss has ruined her career prospects. Rich meets up with Alya and confirms that the work placement in Dublin is still hers as Adam has assured him that any misunderstanding was entirely his fault.

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At work, Tom is patronised by Vanessa when he messes up by diagnosing an elderly dog with cancer without conducting the necessary diagnostic tests. When Vanessa and Paddy arrive in the nick of time, she swiftly orchestrates the correct blood tests and it is just an abscess.

As the furious customer heads out, Tom starts playing the victim, laying it on thick about how Vanessa supposedly makes him feel unwelcome at the practice.

Meanwhile, Belle feels the pressure.

Elsewhere, Ruby reluctantly accepts Moira’s offering of a reconciliatory lunch. But over lunch, Moira comes up with a plan.

Emmerdale, ITV1, tonight at 7.30pm

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