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The Bounds by Stewart Pringle takes to the stage


The Bounds by Stewart Pringle takes to the stage

Royal Court Theatre and Live Theatre present The Bounds by Stewart Pringle.

Directed by Jack McNamara, the cast includes Soroosh Lavasani, Ryan Nolan, Lauren Waine, Harry Weston and Wilbur Conabeare. At the Royal Court, the role of ‘Boy’ will be shared by Wilbur Conabeare and Harry Weston.  Following a run at Live Theatre in Newcastle from Thursday 16 May – Saturday 8 June 2024, The Bounds will run in the Jerwood Theatre Upstairs from Thursday 13 June – Saturday 13 July 2024, with a press night on Monday 17 June at 7pm.

Writer, Stewart Pringle:

“What an absolutely belting cast. Watching them bring these characters to life for the first time ever has just been extraordinary. The detail, intelligence and wit that they’re bringing to this strange, distant time is a constant thrill. We want this show to be a real showcase of North-Eastern talent, and with this cast it truly feels like that. We’re bringing the North East to Sloane Square in all its wild brilliance and rage and glory. And to have such talented young performers as Harry and Wilbur to meet us in London. Dreamy!”

​The year is 1553, the true Golden Age of English football. It’s the Allen Valley Whitsun Game, and men will die today.

This is the big game, and it’s been raging for hours. Percy and Rowan are out in the middle of nowhere, miles from the action, when a stranger joins them, a stranger with tidings that will blow their world apart.

Time passes. Night falls. The great chain of being collapses. And they’re losing the bloody football. The Bounds is a darkly comedic tale of national divides, folk horror and the end of the world as we know it.

Director, Jack McNamara:

“Ryan, Lauren and Soroosh are three of the most electrifying actors I have come across during my time at Live Theatre. They have made our rehearsal room feel like a place of constant discovery where anything is possible. And they are funny as hell. They are going to bring some genuine North East clout to London and I cannot wait. People better start brushing up on their ancient Geordie! And we are totally thrilled to welcome two entirely new child actors to join us in London in Harry and Wilbur, who will complete the picture so perfectly.”

The Bounds is a Royal Court Theatre and Live Theatre co-production. There will be a post-show talk on Wednesday 19 June with Stewart Pringle, who is making his Live Theatre and Royal Court Theatre debut.

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