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Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares – The success stories


Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares – The success stories

With the recent speculation the show could be returning with a new UK series lets look at the stateside success stories…

New research has revealed the highest-rated restaurants that were once featured on Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares US. New Orleans-based restaurant, Oceana Grill, tops the list.

In the series, that initially launched in the UK on Channel 4 in 2004, chef Gordon Ramsay toured various underperforming restaurants, pinpointing their problems, addressing them, and renovating the restaurant, all within three days. In 2007 a FOX version began airing. Out of all the restaurants Ramsay has visited in America, only 20 remain open.

The UK series ran for a decade, over seven series, and nearly 40 episodes – while the stateside offering, which has also been screened in the UK, ran for seven series with over double the UK editions with 92 produced. The show after a nine-year hiatus returned to TV screens last year, giving speculation a new UK version could also be on the way. With the recent eighth series over 100 episodes have now been made.

Experts at QR Code Generator analysed TripAdvisor reviews for each of the restaurants that remain open. The restaurants that have 50 or more reviews were ranked in order of which have the highest percentage that gave four or five stars.

At the top of the list is Oceana Grill, located in New Orleans, with 88.4% positive reviews on TripAdvisor. One user praised the restaurant, commenting that they “never did trust Gordon Ramsay.” Since the restaurant was featured on Kitchen Nightmares, new owners have taken over, and have sued the production company, claiming that the standard of the restaurant under their ownership is not reflected in the episode. Oceana Grill was featured in season four of the programme, which aired in 2011. Today, it has 16,099 reviews, 14,238 of which gave four or five stars.

In second place is Diwan in Port Washington, with 86.8% of Tripadvisor reviews giving four or five stars. It is featured on season eight of the show, which aired in 2023. Today, the restaurant serves high quality Indian dishes, with one customer saying that they “have never been disappointed eating at Diwan.” Out of 68 reviews, 32 gave five stars and 27 gave four.

Third is Le Bistro, which is in Lighthouse Point, Florida. It has 85.2% positive TripAdvisor reviews, with 130 giving five stars and 26 giving four. The restaurant was included in season three of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, which aired in 2010. Since appearing on the show, the restaurant has turned itself around, with one user on TripAdvisor commenting that “Gordon Ramsay can’t cook as well” as the chefs at Le Bistro, with the mushroom soup being a common theme in its positive reviews.



% of reviews that gave four or five stars


Oceana Grill






Le Bistro






Spanish Pavillion



Bel Aire Diner



Olde Hitching Post



Spin a Yarn Steakhouse



The Greek at the Harbor





Next on the list is Pantaleone’s, Denver, with 85% of its TripAdvisor reviews being positive. Its episode on Kitchen Nightmares aired in 2014 on season seven of the show. After the episode, business improved 70% and they even added a delivery service in 2017. One review states that “Gordon Ramsay is a genius,” praising the show for turning the business around. Out of 60 total reviews, 37 gave five stars and 14 gave four.

With 83% of its TripAdvisor reviews giving four or five stars, Spanish Pavillion in Harrison, New Jersey ranks fifth. It featured on season four of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, airing in 2011. Since filming, owner Michael has stepped away from the business and customer reviews have greatly improved, with 122 out of 147 reviews being positive. The restaurant receives particularly high praise for its paella and sangria.

Sixth is Bel Aire Diner, with 79.9% of its TripAdvisor reviews being positive. Located in Queens, New York, it is featured on season eight of the show, which aired in 2023. Since then, the restaurant has massively improved, with 92 reviews which gave five stars and 51 reviews which gave four, out of a total of 179. Customers complimented the quality of the food, as well as the new decor by Gordon Ramsay.

The Olde Hitching Post in Hanson, Massachusetts is next on the list, with 73.8% positive reviews on TripAdvisor. Out of 103 reviews, 41 are five star and 35 are four star, with some customers saying that they never would have guessed that it once featured on Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. The restaurant’s episode on the show aired in 2013, and it has since built up a much more positive reputation.

With 66.2% four or five star TripAdvisor reviews, Spin a Yarn Steakhouse ranks eighth. Located in Fremont, California, it has a total of 133 reviews, with 88 being positive. Customers say it is a fantastic restaurant for any occasion, from date nights to business trips. Its episode of Kitchen Nightmares aired in 2012 and the restaurant has since improved greatly. Due to customer request, they have returned some dishes to the menu that Ramsay removed during his visit.

In ninth place is The Greek at the Harbor in California, with 60.6% of its TripAdvisor reviews being positive. Since its episode on Kitchen Nightmares aired in 2012, the restaurant has seen a huge improvement in business, with customers commenting that “Gordon Ramsay did a great job helping save it.” Today, it has 79 five star and 70 four star reviews out of a total of 246.

Tenth is Leone’s, with 60.5% positive reviews. Located in Montclair, New Jersey, it was featured on season seven of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, airing in 2014. Currently, the restaurant has 129 reviews in total, with 44 giving five stars and 34 giving four stars, with multiple agreeing that Ramsay turned the business around. Customers praise the restaurant for its excellent food and atmosphere.

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