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Kerry Katona talks ‘drug abused nose’

Richard Madeley gets a good look at Kerry's new hooter

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Kerry Katona talks ‘drug abused nose’

The former Atomic Kitten had a snorting drug habit that left her nose damaged…

Earlier on Good Morning Britain, Kerry Katona opened up about the recent surgery on her nose after it was severely damaged by drug use many years ago. Kerry has now been clean for fourteen years. Opening up about the surgery Kerry said: “My nose was collapsing at the front and as you grow older, your ears and your nose get bigger”.

Kerry added “So mine was changing shape because of the passings and the way I still used to blow my nose so they have taken cartilage from my rib to bring it back up and put my old nose how it used to be.”

When asked how she keeps going despite the hard times she has faced, Kerry said “Certain issues and certain situations have had an impact but I think for you to truly move on from the lessons that you have learnt, you have to own them.”

‘You can fix my nose again’ – Kerry looking better than ever

When asked what speaking about her past experiences and challenges means for her children and how it affects them, Kerry said: “Before I actually had my surgery, I had my ten year old with me and I showed her the hole. It’s on the front cover of magazines, she’s at that age.”

Kerry added: “The parents buy magazines and I’d rather my children hear it from me and know what I have been through. There’s no burying children’s heads in the sand and trying to protect them, the internet is everywhere. Hopefully I put them off for life!”

Admiring her honesty, Richard said “I completely agree and I have seen this in you before and I am seeing it here and so are the viewers, you haven’t got an ounce of self pity and you don’t class yourself as a victim and it is so refreshing.”

Kerry said “I am still shocked I got through what I got through so I am giving myself a pat on the back.”

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