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Alice & the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland entertains at Disneyland Paris


Alice & the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland entertains at Disneyland Paris

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Disneyland Paris Unveils its Whimsical Extravaganza Alice & the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland…

Last weekend, as it continues to expand its entertainment offerings, Disneyland Paris launched Alice & the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland, a wild new show that offers a modern take on the timeless story of the Walt Disney Animation Studios film Alice in Wonderland. A unique musical show presented in the newly unveiled theatre at Walt Disney Studios Park: “Theater of the Stars,” presented by EDF. Running from now until 29th September 2024, this electrifying show is sure to transport guests of all ages down the rabbit hole and immerse them into an urban version of Wonderland!

After launching TOGETHER: a Pixar Musical Adventure, Disney Electrical Sky Parade with up to 500 drones and A Million Splashes of Colour over the last few months, the resort is now delighted to add this production like no other at Disneyland Paris to its lineup, strengthening its position as an entertainment leader in Europe.

Additionally, with this all-new theatrical adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, the place where dreams come true once again pushes the boundaries of storytelling. While the beloved animated movie ends with a croquet game between Alice and the Queen of Hearts – where there is no winner – Walt Disney Studios Park’s new show offers a different twist on the final scene by immersing guests into an outlandish tea party taking place in the heart of Wonderland in the presence of Alice and her friends. Yet, things won’t go as expected! Disappointed by the fact that she is not the only guest of honour, the Queen of Hearts decides to engage in a musical battle with them. And on his end, the Mad Hatter will try to handle this out-of-control situation in his own clumsy way.

Featuring an electrifying series of musical performances, aerial acrobatics and BMX stunts, this extravaganza is a unique opportunity to attend a hair-raising face-off between Alice and the Queen of Hearts.  And as the icing on the cake, guests will be immersed in the experience as they are invited to play a part in the outcome of the story and decide which of the two characters should be celebrated during a breathtaking grand finale!

Alice and the Queen of Hearts – a Duality Anchored in Pop Culture!

Coming out of show director Matteo Borghi’s imagination, this musical adaptation has been created to “pay homage to a Disney classic” anchored in pop culture in an interactive, fun, and highly colourful way!  In addition to featuring many nods to iconic elements of the 1951 Disney Animation film, the show has been given a modern touch where there are no good or bad characters.

Both protagonists are interesting and convey ideas that are not in opposition but complementary. Alice embodies the idea that you have to believe in your dreams, believe in your imagination. That’s how each of us can create our own universe and change the world. Obviously, the Queen of Hearts is much more self-centred. She’s going to defend her own vision, which is that you have to believe in yourself to succeed in whatever you do. Both messages are important, and this duality is expressed through the music and artistic disciplines involved.” – Matteo Borghi. While Alice immerses guests into a pop-inspired atmosphere that reflects her cheerful personality and desire to celebrate alongside the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts lives in a classic rock-inspired world of her own!

This can’t-miss experience comes to life several times a day in the resort’s largest open-air theatre, which has a seating capacity of 2,800 spectators. This setting is the perfect playground to take the level of interaction with the audience to the next level, especially now that the stage is 10 metres closer to the bleachers.

Bold Décor Combined with Jaw-Dropping Sporting and Artistic Performances Create an Electrifying Atmosphere

Designed exclusively for Alice & the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland, the décor plays a key role in delivering a never-before-seen experience at Disneyland Paris. To bring this awe-inspiring setting to life, set designer Olivier Dusautoir drew his inspiration not only from the original world of the animated movie, but also from the “pop art” movement that brings together elements from street art cultures, such as murals, making the spectacular 68-metre-long and 26-metre-deep stage look very contemporary!

Extra elements like piled up containers featuring highly flashy colours have been added to give an industrial aspect to the stage. Finally, to ensure that this extraordinary playground would be even more lively and immersive, different types of equipment – including 13 built-in screens and pyrotechnic devices – have been installed both on stage and around the seating area. The trampolines at the foot of the bleachers will add an extra touch of fun to this exciting experience!

Guests will also clap their hands to the catchy rhythms of five original songs that reflect the characters’ opposite personalities. Inspired by the melodies of the animated movie, the soundtrack was recorded in Nashville in the United States.

Known for being the “songwriting capital of the world,” Nashville is filled with studios that demonstrate outstanding expertise when it comes to recording modern and highly rhythmic sounds. Guillaume Coignard, a music producer at Disneyland Paris, wanted “to fill every inch of this vast space with music by treating each instrument as an active and vibrant character.” And while the teams on the other side of the Atlantic recorded arrangements that capture the essence of two completely different musical universes – pop versus rock,  forty-six performers, including three singers, three backing vocalists, one guitarist, one keytar player and two percussionists will outdo themselves on stage to bring guests on an unforgettable musical battle of the bands.

Additionally, to incorporate industrial elements into the sound environment, Disneyland Paris designed special drum sets using heating oil tanks. Once the structures of these unique instruments were brought to life, they were covered with drumheads to produce percussion sounds that are similar to tom-toms and bass drums. In addition to its unique musical atmosphere, the show also features incredible performances! While acrobats take over “trampo-walls” that reflect the skyscraping nature of the sets, BMX riders perform stunts to the sound of music, creating striking images and choreography!

Costumes are another necessary ingredient needed to create magical shows. For Alice & the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland, the costume design teams called on the talents of Disneyland Paris’ couture workshop as well as the expertise of several Ile-de-France-based workshops specialising in fashion, haute couture, and entertainment to turn costume designers Isabelle Antoine’s and Malika Sif’s visions into reality. While the two fashion specialists imagined a “pop star-inspired” and “very cute” look for Alice, they brought to life a “bold” and “glamorous” outfit for the Queen of Hearts by collaborating with the Parisian workshop Bas et Hauts. The teams also worked hand-in-hand with the FBG 2211 studio to create modern costumes that match perfectly with the décor, such as the playing cards that are reminiscent of the hip-hop movement or the eight flowers that have a span of 2.60 metres!

Among the other incredible suppliers that took part in the costume creation journey, the Blin et Ghuilhem workshop contributed to designing the White Rabbit’s and Caterpillar’s hats. In addition to being filled with whimsical creatures, today’s Wonderland is also home to an array of modern props, such as the Queen of Hearts’ spectacular vehicle that was brought to life in collaboration with Planète Vapeur, a Nice-based company specialising in whimsical parades and street entertainment. In total, over 150 French and European companies joined forces to create this electrifying experience!

Thousands of charity kids invited this summer

 Throughout the summer, thousands of kids from the Secours Populaire association will be invited to discover the show. This experience will complement a day in the Parks, where they will enjoy attractions, parades and shows alongside their favourite characters. For youth without regular access to cultural experiences, discovering the enchanted and reimagined world of Alice in Wonderland aims to be a source of inspiration, while offering an unforgettable moment of escapism.

This initiative is part of Disneyland Paris’ ongoing commitment to inclusion and access to culture for all. The resort hopes to help broaden the horizons of local youth and feed their imaginations.

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