Duffy on why Dallas is a continuation and not a remake

Original Dallas cast member Patrick Duffy, who plays Bobby Ewing in the TNT and Channel 5 series, says the current incarnation of Dallas isn’t a remake, but a continuation of the original.

“Dallas is still Dallas – it’s just continuing as though it had been filmed for the past 20 years.” He is quoted in The Express.

The actor who appeared in over 300 episodes of the original primetime super soap has criticised new productions which cash-in on an old programme’s legacy and brand – without any original actors.

“I’m not interested in the concept of resurrected shows with new actors …you have dramas like the new Hawaii Five-O, which is just a new show that uses an old name.”

The 63-year-old returned to TNT screens as Bobby on Monday, and in the UK on Channel 5 last night, as the re-launched Dallas returned for a second season of its ‘rebooted’ run.

The programme has kept faithful to the 1980s ratings banker by keeping many of the long running locations such as the iconic Southfork ranch, theme tune and Dallas city landmarks in the opening titles. While the series has a host of new young actors the production has also brought back a number of old cast members for regular and recurring roles.

Duffy adds that the new series cast work harder to horn their performances with the TNT version.

“The work I see them putting into their performances is staggering compared to the way Larry and I did it in the Eighties.”

The current run of episodes will feature Larry Hagman (pictured above on the right) as iconic J.R Ewing for the final time following the death of the actor last year. J.R will appear in six episodes of the new series. Dallas the first time round ran from 1978 through to 1991.

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