Axed In The USA 2013: Shows Already Canned

666-Park-Avenue-genericATV Today recaps the American dramas and comedies which have so far been axed this season.

In recent weeks the axe-man has claimed two more casualties stateside; Ben and Kate and Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23. The demise of his ABC comedy prompted actor James Van Der Beek to criticise the Nielsen ratings system and there are few who wouldn’t argue that the ratings system doesn’t reflect how viewers consume programmes these days. After all a large chunk of a show’s audience no longer watch episodes as they go out – they watch them at a more convenient time to themselves.

So which other shows have so far fallen victim to the axe-man this season? Well there was a lot of buzz around ABC’s supernatural series 666 Park Avenue which starred Vanessa Williams and Terry O’Quinn but sadly that did not translate into ratings. ABC stuck by the series for a fair while before finally admitting whatever one else knew; 666 Park Avenue was not going to get a full season order. Nor was fellow ABC drama series The Last Resort.

Fox‘s The Mob Doctor was a huge flop for the broadcaster; it was axed after the broadcast of its 8th episode and the only thing surprising about that was it took Fox so long to swing its axe. Emily Owens M.D is so far the only casualty at The CW this season but come the end of the season it won’t be on its own. At the moment though The CW is waiting to see how all its other shows play out before deciding what else to cull.

CBS has culled Made in Jersey, which was a huge flop, and Partners. NBC like The CW has only canned one show so far; Animal Practice. The broadcaster has however passed on ordering a full series of its Munsters remake Mockingbird Lane which technically could be classed as an axing.

Gossip-Girl-castA number of shows have returned this season for their final season. The CW’s Gossip Girl, Fox’s Fringe and ABC’s Private Practice have all bowed out in recent weeks after being re-commissioned with the sole purpose of tying up lose ends and ‘crafting’ a satisfying conclusion for their fans. The CW boss Mark Pedowitz has stated he is fan of ordering final seasons for shows noting “It’s something that we as a television industry need to do” hence why Smallville, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill also returned for shortened final seasons and many expect 90210 to get the same treatment.

Also ending shortly will be NBC comedies 30 Rock and The Office.

[Written by James Ryder]

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