Joey and Lucy in Enders snog, Corrie Ryan seen with girl, Debbie plans runner in Emmerdale

EastEnders, snog

Joey Branning shares a snog with former flame Lucy Beale in an upcoming episode of EastEnders.

The kiss happens after a furious Joey finds out that Lucy gave Lauren the false impression they are an item again, leading to Lauren going away and refusing to answer her phone.

As Joey realises he still has feelings for Lauren, Lucy comforts him with a kiss – but will Joey take things further?

This episode airs on Monday 1st July at 8.00pm on BBC One

Corrie, Snoop

In upcoming scenes in Coronation Street, heart throb Ryan Connor is spotted wooing another girl behind girlfriend Katy’s back.

Ryan has recently been growing frustrated with his relationship with Katy who has to juggle their relationship with the responsibility of being a mum.

When Katy opts to spend the night with Joseph instead of going to a gig, Ryan goes it alone but it seems he’s not without company for long…

As Beth and Kirk spot Ryan with the mystery girl, they are both shocked but will they tell Katy?

This episode airs on Friday 5th July at 8.30pm on ITV1

Emmerdale, Airport

Emmerdale’s Cameron Murray dashes to the airport to stop ex-girlfriend Debbie from fleeing the country in a new storyline twist.

Debbie comes up with her plan to abscond with little Sarah and Jack after their father Andy Sugden stops her from seeing them, as a result of her recent behaviour.

However, as Debbie makes her preparations to leave, Cameron works out her plan and passionately kisses her hoping to change her mind.

Debbie is left reeling by the kiss but is still determined to go and manages to slip away. Cameron then pursues Debbie to the airport where he pleads with her not to go through with her plan.

Will Debbie decide to stay, or could the pair even leave together?

This episode airs on Thursday 4th July at 8.00pm on ITV1

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