EastEnders Café fight will look real says Ben Hardy


Ben Hardy who plays Peter Beale in BBC One soap EastEnders says a forthcoming fight scene involving his character won’t disappoint.

A fight breaks out between Peter and Joey Branning – actor David Witts – in the soap next week.

The heated situation occurs after Lauren fails to return home following a date with Peter and Max and Tanya head over to the Beale’s in search of answers. Lucy covers for Peter and tells them that Lauren went off with a group of friends from college and sent her a text message to say so

However, it’s not long before holes start to appear in Lucy’s story when Lauren’s bag and phone are discovered outside R&R. Joey is furious to hear about Lucy’s lies and angrily confronts her. Peter steps in to defend his sister and the situation quickly escalates into a brawl.

Speaking to The Sun, Hardy said of the fight scene:

“We went for it. You don’t want to go too far, but if you don’t go far enough it’s rubbish.”

The episode airs next Tuesday, the 25th of June on BBC One.

While most confrontations in EastEnders happen in the Queen Vic pub the café has seen a couple of bust ups over the years – including Pauline Fowler, the late Wendy Richard, slapping love rival Christine Hewitt, actress Elizabeth Power, over the buttered bread.

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