A more happy workplace, for happier staff.

Brits dream of a workplace with free soft drinks, glorious views from the windows – and an office dog.

“People in Britain have a clear idea about their perfect workplace. But, thankfully, most office workers are already fortunate enough to enjoy a pretty comfortable working environment, with their own chair, regular breaks and a constant supply of tea and coffee. Sadly, it’s a very different story for working animals overseas.” -Geoffrey Dennis, chief executive of SPANA

A study of office workers showed the ‘perfect’ office also has eight colleagues working in open-plan harmony, four plants, a fully-stocked kitchen and sleeping pods.

Lots of natural light, sofas, large corner desks and communal music also featured in the list. Other popular requests for the ideal office included blankets for when you feel cold at your desk, a workstation out of view from the boss and a hostess trolley with cake or afternoon tea.

On the back of the findings, working animal charity SPANA has shown just what this perfect office could look like. The study revealed one in six adults would like their workplace to contain gym equipment or self-contained workout space.

A third want their working environment to be flooded in natural light, and 12 per cent would love it if their workplace incorporated a ‘bring your own pet’ policy. Almost one in five people would like to see a relaxation space in the office, equipped with TVs and massage chairs, while hammocks were also a popular choice.

But a quarter would be happy if their place of work simply had up-to-date technology, instead of outdated computers. As far as workplace perks are concerned, 28 per cent would like to be allowed to work in jeans.

And four in 10 want a boss who understands that family must always come first, ahead of work matters. Brits also believe their ‘perfect’ job would see them work for four days a week, grafting for only six hours each day. They’d earn precisely £67,813 a year, with a healthy pension, and have a 15-minute commute to the office each morning – ideally walking.

The working month would be punctuated with four working lunches, while they’d also be allowed a day-and-a-half off for golf or ‘company leisure days.’

The dream career also includes three business trips abroad annually, with a further five taken within the UK.

And if that wasn’t enough, of the 2000 polled these Brits would give themselves a huge 31 days a year of annual leave.

 “Daydreaming about our ideal working environment is a fun way to pass the time.

“But, it’s important to remember that, while perhaps not luxurious, most people in the UK have workplaces that are clean, safe and comfortable – even if there’s no massage chair in sight. In stark contrast, working animals and their owners in many of the world’s poorest communities face a lifetime of toil and hardship.” – Geoffrey Dennis, chief executive of SPANA

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