EastEnders boss on Lucy Beale murder: ‘Ultimately it’s a bloody good story’


EastEnders boss Dominic Treadwell-Collins has explained his decision to kill off the character of Lucy Beale.

In a video feature on the soap’s official website the producer stated that he wanted a big story that would put the Beale family at the centre of the show ahead of its 30th anniversary next February.

“The Beales are the first EastEnders family so, for me, in this year, building up to the 30th anniversary of the show in February next year, I wanted a big epic story that puts the Beales at the centre of the show and that puts Ian – the show’s only original character – at the centre of the show.


“Lucy’s death is a game changer. It’s going to change a lot of relationships on the Square and there’s going to be some surprising reactions to her death – good and bad. Ultimately it’s a bloody good story, so viewers should tune in because it’s not going to be predictable and it will shock, it will entertain, it will move.” – Dominic Treadwell-Collins


Meanwhile, Adam Woodyatt – who plays Lucy’s grief-stricken father Ian – has said he was surprised when Treadwell-Collins first informed him of the storyline.

“I was surprised to be honest because I just didn’t see it coming at all. I wanted to make sure he [Dominic] was doing the right thing and he started explaining all the reasons behind it and everything and I just thought ‘Yeah this is going to be massive’.


“It’s been some of the most emotional stuff I’ve ever done. I’ve literally spent days crying. Entire days. And you finish at the end of it and you are absolutely exhausted. You’ve got nothing left and then you have to go home, learn your lines, and come back in and do it again the following day.” – Adam Woodyatt

Director Rebecca Gatward and Hetti Bywater – who played Lucy – also feature in the behind the scenes video which can be viewed below:


Lucy’s demise was first announced by the BBC in February who stated that the storyline won’t play out as ‘typical whodunit’ and instead will be rooted in a ‘raw and emotional’ reality.

In Friday’s episode viewers saw Lucy head off alone after receiving an email, with her lifeless body later seen on Walford Common. This week’s episodes deal with the Beale family’s shock and devastation upon hearing news of her death.

The circumstances of Lucy’s death are to be shrouded in mystery with the police initially believing that she has been the victim of a random mugging. However, it soon transpires that Lucy is likely to have known the person responsible for her death.

The identity of the killer is to remain a closely guarded secret until the soap’s 30th anniversary next February.

EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday on BBC One

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