EastEnders 30th: Pat and PeggyEastEnders favourites Pam St. Clement and Barbara Windsor will look back at some of their characters’ most iconic and memorable moments in the exclusive to iPlayer series Back to Ours.

Launching 27 January, ahead of the soap’s 30th anniversary, Back to Ours will feature cast members in their on-screen homes watching their unforgettable moments and sharing behind the scenes stories.

St. Clement departed EastEnders in the autumn of 2011 after 25 years, making her last appearance as soap icon Pat Evans on New Year’s Day 2012.

“What fun – not only catching up and chatting with Babs but being surrounded by friends and crew from the EastEnders production team – it was like coming home!” – Pam St. Clement

Windsor continues to make one off appearances as Peggy Mitchell following a regular stint on the show from 1994 until 2010. Having made brief comebacks in 2013 and 2014, Peggy will feature again next month as part of the anniversary week.

“I had such great fun filming this with Pam. At times we completely forgot we were being filmed and we got terribly carried away, in fact we got quite outrageous! It was such a lovely afternoon, we giggled for hours in fact we didn’t want it to finish.”  – Barbara Windsor

The characters of Pat and Peggy were a popular double act in EastEnders; starting out as rivals for Frank Butcher’s affections before becoming pals.

EastEnders is one of the most watched programmes on BBC iPlayer since the service launched, with 654 million requests for episodes since 2009. Individual episodes often achieve over 1m requests.

Exclusive EastEnders content on the platform has proven a significant draw for audiences, with ‘Jay Brown’s Police Interview’, around Lucy Beale’s death, attracting 375,000 requests in 7 days.

EastEnders: 30th Pat and Peggy aka Pam and Barbara

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