Celebrating two years on ITV, Judge Rinder stars in a brand new promo as the series returns later today with a new run of episodes.

judge rinder

“I think the programme genuinely goes from strength to strength…the cases get more interesting and more dynamic in every conceivable sense with each and every series. The show’s success is down to authenticity and the quality of the cases, the fact that it’s real law and genuine authentic human interest.” – Rob Rinder

At the beginning of the promo, Judge Rinder – who is currently showing his groove on BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing – is seen wearing his judicial gown but posed as a conductor, hushes the orchestra and their instruments as they warm up to play the ‘Judge Rinder’ opening theme tune.

Beginning to conduct the orchestra with the same determination and precision that he has within the courtroom, Judge Rinder gradually introduces and guides the musicians to reach a dramatic crescendo.

Finally Judge Rinder invites the choir to join in, which includes his courtroom assistant Michelle. Pausing before conducting the final three climatic notes to end the song, Judge Rinder turns to face his audience and opens his arms to welcome the start of another dramatic and entertaining series ahead. The voiceover concludes, ‘The Judge is back, with a brand new series, weekdays, 2pm’.

“To celebrate reaching two years, ordinarily I’d open a glass of champagne but I’m learning to dance at the moment so need to be on my best behaviour!” – Rob Rinder

The promo airs from today on ITV (Monday 3rd October), with new episodes of Judge Rinder weekdays at 2pm on UTV, STV and ITV

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