Changes are to be made to the plot due to real-life events.

In light of the recent news story in Bradford, involving a serial killer, the BBC have made the decision to re-shoot part of EastEnders’ storyline concerning serial killer Lucas Johnson.

The EastEnders press office say in a statement:

“EastEnders storylines are written many months in advance and any similarity to real life events is coincidental. However, on this occasion, to ensure we do not cause distress to the families involved in the recent tragic events in Bradford we have decided to re-shoot some parts of the storyline involving Lucas Johnson”.

Yesterday ITV dropped Coronation Street from its schedules due to the shooting spree in Cumbria which left 13 dead. The Weatherfield-set-soap is in the middle of a hostage storyline in which scenes show a shooting takes place.

It is rare for real-life events to effect soap opera. Continuous drama aims to reflect real-life events in storytelling however difficult situations such as murder are done with concern for viewers and often many years after any similar real events have taken place, such as the plane crash in Emmerdale.

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