Volume 17 of the cult Australian police drama Homicide has just been released in the UK.

In this box set tragedy is lurking in the wings for Senior Detective Pat Kelly (John Stanton) when his girlfriend is gunned down. Is she linked to a seedy group of drug peddling Greek’s who are embroiled in bringing illegal immigrants into Australia? Things go from bad to worse for poor old Pat when a police pursuit ends badly, he finds himself crippled and permanently confined to a wheelchair. His replacement comes in the form of Senior Detective Michael Deegan; this character is played by Dennis Grosvenor who will be remembered by many of you as Jebbie Best in Chopper Squad.

Meanwhile Senior Detective Harry White (Don Barker) heads to Canberra with a visiting American cop called Robert Kroeger (Joe James) when a well-known Melbourne drug addict is murdered and dumped in a lake. Kroeger is in a race against time to identify an underworld cartel which is flooding the USA with heroin.

Back in Melbourne, Inspector Reg Lawson (Charles Tingwell) and Senior Detective Phil Redford (Gary Day) are snowed under with an avalanche of cases. A cripple is murdered and the evidence indicates that there could be a connection with a recent art heist. A gang of evil yobbos are prowling the streets, bashing law abiding citizens simply for kicks, and a wet behind the ears policewoman stumbles across a vile torture chamber where all manner of horrors have taken place.

Kenny Sutton (Peter Sumner) has lost the plot, after killing his wife he proceeds to head to a major festival with a stockpile of explosives. Meanwhile a convict escapes from a prison farm and finds himself cornered in an underground railway tunnel with a hostage. Elsewhere a lunatic push bike rider starts taking pot shots, blinding a country copper for life.

Young Lynn Fisher (Joanne Samuel) is pack raped by three bogans, and when one of the attackers goes missing the Homicide Squad suspect that her father has taken the law into his own hands. Another young girl believes that she has killed her alcoholic wife bashing father, she makes her escape by boat with terrible consequences.

The crime spree rolls on when a gang of unsavoury bikies attempt to pervert the course of justice following the murder of a notorious drug pusher, and an unhinged animal rights activist decides to put a stop to those involved in the horse racing game. In another part of town an Italian businessman is killed in a car bomb incident, the list of suspects continues to grow as a cesspit of family hatred, embittered employees and racial tension is exposed.

Fans of ATV’s soap opera Crossroads will spot a couple of familiar faces in this DVD box set with both Lew Luton and Allan Lander from the motel saga making guest appearances during the police investigations. Also appearing are Karen Petersen and Joanne Samuel from The Young Doctors; Gerry Duggan and Vivean Gray from The Sullivans; Syd Heylen from A Country Practice; and Val Jellay, Maurie Fields and Terry Gill from The Flying Doctors.

Keep your eyes peeled for Lois Ramsey from The Box; Elspeth Ballantye and Patsy King from Prisoner: Cell Block H; Michael Long from Sons & Daughters; Kevin Miles from Carson’s Law; and for veteran actress Enid Lorimer.

Homicide Volume 17 and a host of other Australian television classics can be ordered in the UK exclusively from Eaton Films.  Those of you who are based in Australasia can obtain your copies from Crawford DVD.

Pictured: Top; The cast of Homicide. From left are Don Barker, Gary Day, John Stanton, and Charles Tingwell. Pictured Second Top; Don Barker as Senior Detective Harry White. Pictured Middle; Charles Tingwell as Inspector Reg Lawson. Pictured Bottom; John Stanton as Senior Detective Pat Kelly.
All photographs copyright Eaton Films/Crawford Productions/WIN Corporation.
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