Wedding RingsA new survey has found that 95% of gay and lesbians in the UK support marriage equality.

The poll was carried out by YouGuv and was commissioned by gay rights charity/lobby group Stonewall. The poll questioned more than 2000 people who identified themselves as being gay, bisexual or lesbian from across Britain. Overall the poll concluded that 91% of respondents supported gay marriage but that figure rose to 96% for those aged 35 or under.

Some regrettably shrill anti-gay campaigners have taken to suggesting gay people aren’t really that bothered about equal marriage. We now know just how important this reform is for millions of people in this country. Added to other polls showing overwhelming support for equal marriage from gay and straight people alike, this exposes the hollowness of one of the main claims made by anti-equality campaigners.” – Ben Summerskill, Chief executive of Stonewall

Some readers may find it unsurprising that support for same-sex marriage is so high amongst the LGBT community but opponents of gay marriage often claim their “gay friends” do not want gay marriages and are happy/satisfied with civil partnerships. Several opponents of gay marriage have cited that argument when opposing the government’s plans to introduce marriage for gay and lesbian couples.

[Written by Martha Kirkpatrick]

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