Netflix have released a look at what’s to come in the latest series of Chef’s Table in a brand new trailer.

“A new world of culinary traditions awaits when Chef’s Table returns with six new episodes that span the globe and take you to the heart of what it means to create.” – Netflix

Chef’s Table features six of the world’s most renowned international chefs, and offers viewers the opportunity to go inside the lives and kitchens of these culinary talents. The latest series, the third to air on Netflix, will see Jeong Kwan, Baekyasa Temple (South Korea), Vladimir Muhkin, White Rabbit (Moscow, Russia), Tim Raue, Restaurant Tim Raue (Berlin, Germany), Virgilio Martinez, Central (Lima, Peru), Ivan Orkin, Ivan Ramen (New York, NY) and Nancy Silverton, Osteria Mozza, (Los Angeles, CA) all take part in the programme.

A Boardwalk Pictures production, Chef’s Table returns on February 17th for its six part run.

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