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That L Thing

    New CSI: Miami Characters: A new character, a medical examiner, will appear in the popular forensic detective series CSI: Miami. Megalyn Echikunwoke, best known for her role of Isabelle Taylor in the Sci Fi series The 4400, will join the cast of CSI: Miami on a recurring basis. Echikunwoke, will play a medical examiner who makes a good impression on Lt. Horatio Cane [David Caruso] which will lead

Friday Summer File: German Bill

Welcome to a special edition of The Friday File. For two weeks only the reigns have been handed over to me, Doug Lambert, while Ian prepares to launch a new season in August. So those pesky soap stars might have sighed a breath of relief but alas it was too soon because the Friday File hasn’t gone away just yet. The Bill goes German For its 25th anniversary The Bill

Nipped and Tucked

    Nip/Tuck to close: Cosmetic surgery drama series Nip/Tuck will get one final season before drawing to a close. American channel FX has confirmed its ordered 19 more episodes of Nip/Tuck that will make up the final season of the drama. At the moment a 22 episode season is currently airing in America but the additionally 19 episodes, which are the next season, will take the total number of

Friday News File: Pointless Plots

Welcome to the eighth – and final edition in this, the third ,series – of the Friday News File, we’ll be back with more in August. Also a quick note about TV Weekly, we didn’t present an edition this week as we felt that mocking the talentless and ridiculous was possibly in bad taste – as its usually ITV that’s at the heart of much laughter – with the death

A Diary Of Breaches

    Ofcom V ITV Ofcom has yet again been ticking off troubled broadcaster ITV for breaching broadcasting rules over unfair treatment and infringement of privacy as seemingly screened in the ITV2 ITV2 series Katie and Peter: The Baby Diaries. The documentary followed ex-model Katie Price and her hubby Peter Andre for a period of time around the birth of their 2nd child. The show got into hot water with

Friday News File: Surprise Surprise

Forget  ‘Inside Soap’, forget ‘Bizzare’ – The Friday Soap File is the only place where  you’ll see in article what people are really thinking. Yes it might not go down  well with producers and TV companies – but Ian Westhead doesn’t care about that,  he says “let those other publications lick the behinds of the telly execs for  some pointless exclusives, and we’ll say it like it really  is.” Surprise

Sunday News File: Burnt Out

Yes another week over, doesn’t time fly, and as usual its about time we had another round up of what’s good and bad in the world of soap news. Now this week, and only this week, we’re the Sunday Soap File. This delayed edition is down to myself spending a little time in London chatting up some media types. Thankfully only one was from ITV, and yes – I did

Give Us A Break

“Fern is having some time off and we are hoping to see her back at work very soon.” Welcome to another TV Weekly, a mini version of our ‘Friday Soap File’ – only for TV news. This week we were told Fern Britton was to have time off This Morning, only to return the next day, MTV are hiring the son of a famous dead footballer and we won’t be

Rewind June 2008: Amazing News

What a week! Yes looking around the websites and newspapers I can safely say a load of old cack has been reported over the past seven days. Lets take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly from the world of soap news. Its Friday the 13th of June 2008… unlucky for some…