Bob Morley has resumed filming on Australian soap Neighbours.







The actor plays gay nurse Aidan Foster in the Australian soap. Morley has returned to Neighbours following a ten-week break from the soap opera to film his role for the film Blinder. The actor sports a new hair cut as a result of his role on Blinder. Aidan Foster was introduced to Neighbours in August last year as a love interest for the soaps first openly gay character Chris Pappas (James Mason).

The pair embarked on a romance and earlier this year were involved in Neighbour‘s first male gay kiss. However, the pair later broke up to accommodate Morley’s temporary exit from the series. Chris and Aidan will be encounter each other once more though and Morley has promised fans there’s “lots more to come with those two”.  The break-up scenes between Aidan and Chris play out this week in the UK on Channel Five.

The character of Chris Pappas was first introduced to Neighbours in 2010 as the first regular gay character in the soap. The decision to introduce a gay character to the long-running soap opera received much media attention and was widely praised. The gay romance storyline has also generated media interest. While gay characters and relationships have become a stable of UK soaps they are still an oddity elsewhere in the world where such storylines are still considered taboo.

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