Actor Charlie Condou has hinted that there’s some rocky times ahead for Corrie gay couple Marcus and Sean Tully (Anthony Cotton).

Condou revealed that Sean and Marcus would face difficulties in the near future during an appearance on ITV1‘s Lorraine show. The actor revealed that things will become strained between the two because of Sean’s jealousy which will grow as the couple spend more time apart from each other. The return of Marcus’s colleague Aiden (Toby Sawyer) will cause further tension; Aiden has previously admitted to fancying Marcus.

“I think they love each other very much, they really do, but Sean’s not the most grown up man in the world. He gets very jealous and he’s quite a vulnerable character and I think that’s part of the attraction, Marcus loves looking after him. He’s one of life’s carers. But I think that ultimately is really going to start to rub him (Marcus) up the wrong way.  The fact that he can’t have a proper grown up relationship.” – Charlie Condou speaking on Lorraine

Sean’s insecurities and jealous streak has caused problems for the couple before and resulted in them splitting up in 2008 when Marcus quit the cobbles of Weatherfield for the bright-lights of London after having enough of Sean. Last year they were reunited when Sean made a trip down to London to see his son Dylan and unexpectedly encountered Marcus.

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