The producer of Coronation Street, Phil Collinson, has revealed that the forthcoming tram-crash – to mark the soap’s 50th anniversary – will be its most expensive stunt ever.

The forthcoming tram crash in Coronation Street will be the soaps most expensive stunt ever, that’s according to producer Phil Collinson. The much publicised tram-crash is to mark the soaps 50th anniversary and will see the deaths of several characters in a week of high profile storylines to celebrate the anniversary. The tram crash will cost £1 million according to Collinson in The Daily Star. Filming for the episodes has begun this week and bosses are keen to keep exact details under wraps.


“We’ve had a significant amount of extra money from ITV for this stunt,” he said. “It’s not enough, it’s never enough. It’s the most money we’ve ever spent in the show’s history; it’s going to be a spectacular set of episodes. To give you some idea, we usually film five episodes in 12 days,” he said. “But for the 50th we will be filming five episodes in 10 weeks. It’s basically the pace of a big drama. We do all of that but the rest of the show still has to rumble on.” – Phil Collinson in The Daily Star

The speculation as to whom will die in the crash has already begun amongst Coronation Street fans. Users of the ATV Today forums haven’t been shy in putting forward names of those they’d like to see killed-off during the tram crash.


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