ATV Today already confirmed, yesterday, that New Zealand Soap Opera Shortland Street has been dropped from Living TV’s main channel, just five weeks after returning to British Television.

The show is still, however, continuing to air on Living Loves between 6-7pm, Monday to Friday. Fans fear, however, that this is just a stop-gap so the episodes bought can be quietly aired there and then the programme will be officially dropped.

The series has had around 11,000 viewers on its return, and the serial had already moved timeslots from 3-4pm to the lunchtime 12-1pm slot, during its five week run on the main Living channel. Many fans on forums felt angered by how little time Living gave the programme on the main channel.

Fans also felt aggrieved at the lack of promotion of the show. It had brief trailers, pre-launch, but ever since the show started airing there has been no advertisement for the programme and now after around thirty episodes fans on the Shortland Street UK Facebook page are striving to fight for the Kiwi to remain on British Television.

Shortland Street UK Facebook Page

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